Subject: #SoulBlast - The Art of Philanthropy: Scholarship Fundraiser | June 16, 7PM at Studio A.M.

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#SoulBlast - The Art of Philanthropy: Scholarship Fundraiser | June 16, 7PM at Studio A.M.

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This event is sponsored by the generous support of the UPMC Center for Engagement & Inclusion, in partnership with Studio AM and First National Bank.

Philanthropist Gisele Fetterman is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met and she exudes love, care, and passion for all. Gisele uses her past as inspiration to make a difference in the lives of many today. She is the founder of the Free Store 15104 in Braddock, PA and co-founder of 412 Food Rescue.

Enjoy Gisele’s philanthropic story on our fourth episode of Faces of Philanthropy.

The goal of the “Faces of Philanthropy” series is to provide a space for candid dialogue about philanthropy in the young professional community that will increase the likelihood of individuals identifying as philanthropists and actively giving to causes and engaging with communities that matter to them.

Did you know that most community foundations require a minimum of $10,000-$25,000 to start a scholarship or grant-making fund? This minimum requirement often poses a huge barrier for young people to give back in a sustainable and systematic manner. Philanthropy, LLC makes giving back easily accessible by removing financial barriers often related to “philanthropy”. Pictured above are five young, Black philanthropists in Pittsburgh who decided not to wait until they were older or wealthier, but have dedicated themselves to serving others NOW through the provision of scholarships or grants.

WE are the new face of philanthropy.


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