Subject: Soul Blast - Theology of Work | Class begins April 6, 2016 @ Bethany Baptist Church

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Soul Blast - Theology of Work | Class begins April 6, 2016 @ Bethany Baptist Church

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Has the drudgery of work got you down? Do you feel that work is a necessary evil you have to endure? Is it hard for you to connect your Sunday worship with work Monday through Saturday?

God has a biblical design for our work and our work matters to God.

Come and Learn about God’s design  for work and how we can develop a new perspective on work and God’s personal call to all Christians. Class begins  April  6, 2016.

This course explores the meaning of spirituality and the ministry of work  which engages  Christians for most of their waking hours. The course explores four areas:

Biblical –A survey of who we are in Christ, the meaning of work, calling and how they all fit in God’s revealed purpose

Contextual –Understand how the worldview  and specific cultures (African American) affect one’s work ethic and one’s ability to be who God called them to be

Integrative –Discover how work is related to ministry, calling and mission

Theological –Understanding of work and it’s practice through the Word of God and in the context of contemporary workplaces

Theology of Work
Rev Dr. Stanley A. Holbrook, Instructor

Six week course
April 6– May 11, 2016  from 7 pm-9 pm

Course Cost -$30 plus books

For more information contact:

PLBI @ Bethany Baptist Church
7745 Tioga Street, Pittsburgh, Pa 15208

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