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The Directory’s most Significant distinction is that it is TRUSTED.
  Want to Benefit from 17 years of hard-earned TRUST?

Hello FRIEND !

This Strategy may not be right 
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Want to Fortify & Grow your Biz 
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The IDEAL way ... would be to LASER-Target 
                                 A • those most likely to need your services, and
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NOW it is POSSIBLE -- for pennies!

Finally!!  ~ a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way to ~
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Not the Decision Maker?  Be a Star 🌟 and Forward this to the DM – before it is too late!

Working hard so ALL may benefit ~ win-win-win 👍
Sunny Aasgaard, CCP
Senior Resources Directory

Leading with Empathy • Striving for Excellence
Helping You Help Others® ~ since 2002
In my mailbox this morning, I found a precious gift, the ‘Senior Bible’. I read it all the way through, twice!
I’ve been thinking about moving out of this lovely, but lonely, big house and wondering about my options.
This came at just the right time.  – Toledia D., 73, retired U.S. corporate marketing director with Avon
The first time I got the Directory (10 years ago?) I read through the entire thing. 
Every year, my books get flagged, color-coded, highlighted, dog-eared, written in. 
When anyone needs anything, boom! I have it right there. 
I use the Level of Care chart all the time. It’s so easy for patients to understand. 
I deal with people of all economic levels and they ALL are so very thankful for this book. 
You’ve helped thousands and thousands. We love you for doing this. 
You are the  – Tamela L., Case Manager, Parkside Nursing & Rehab
Qualifying as one of our esteemed Sponsors
 is like starting off with an endorsement – and a referral.


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