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Sierra Madre Games & Ion Game Design’s
Members Backstage Information November 2018
The last month has been a been a really intense period with many great experiences and some difficulties that we learned a lot from. The image is from our Booth at Essen Spiel 2018.

In end of October we attended Essen SPIEL 2018 and had a nice fair were we got to meet many of our backers and gamer friends. The tables at the booth was almost always full of players testing our games, and we sold almost all games we brought. The first ones to sell out was Pax Renaissance, the few copies of Bios:Megafauna we still had and the 100 advance copies of Expedition Zetta that made it to the Fair. At the end of the fair we had nice launch of our new Kickstarter campaign for Bios:Origins, Pax Transhumanity and the reprint of Pax Porfiriana. After some problems in the beginning of the campaign it is now on the home stretch, in very good condition with all questions straightened out.
Only a few days left, don’t miss the opportunity!

Our campaign for Neanderthal and Greenland has had two bumps on the road. Firstly the shipping that was planned to be finished before we left for Essen, was for some customers still was stuck in the warehouse in Hong Kong. We have taken several steps to avoid this to ever happen again. Secondly there were a few mistakes found on the cards Neanderthal and Greenland. Mistakes like this should not pass quality check, but this time it did. We are now working with the manufacturer and with our fulfillment center Aimplify to have a good solution in place for replacements. We have also changed several things in our quality control in order to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Best wishes from a late autumn Sweden! 
Top Story
Our new Kickstarter for Bios:Origins (second edition), Pax Transhumanity and Pax Porfiriana is now live. Also Bios:Genesis and Bios:Megafauna (second edition) are made available there as addons!
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General News
SPIEL 2018 Brief
Ion Game Design and Sierra Madre Games had a booth at SPIEL 2018. It was an intensive and fun fair were got to meet and playtest our games with many fellow gamers. We also had a lot of meetings with future licensing and distribution partners.

Shipping Situation and Future
After having enormous delays in shipping from our fulfilment center in Hong Kong, (some customers had to wait over a month until their games were shipped), we have decided to change our fulfillment center for all customers outside of Europe to VFI instead. We truly hope this solution will work better. During the turmoil surrounding the shipping problems we have learned many valuable lessons that we will bring to this new solution. We are very happy with our partnership with Aimplify and will continue this shipping collaboration for our European backers. 

Kickstarter Result
The new Kickstarter campaign got funded in 15 minutes and at the moment 13 stretch goals are unlocked. This campaign features Bios:Origins (second edition), Pax Transhumanity and Pax Porfiriana. 
Upon request from backers we have decided to in addition make a small reprint of first two games in the Bios:Trilogy, Bios:Genesis and Bios:Megafauna (second edition). So that anyone who want to complete the trilogy and lack one or both of those cans will be able to do so. They can be added as add-ons to any pledge except AUDIENCE or SUPPORTER in the campaign.
Directly after the Kickstarter campaign is ended we will accept pre-orders of Bios:Origins, Bios:Megafauna, Bios:Origins, Pax Transhumanity and Pax Porfiriana in our web shop. There has not been a retailer and distributor reward level during the Kickstarter campaign. If you are a retailer and distributor you will be able to place an order during the pre-order period. If you do not already have an account on our website then please create an account and inform us so we can add you to the correct customer group and you will get the correct discount code on all purchases. If you have any questions the please contact Pål Keller to get the pre-order prices and information about how to place an order. 

Crusader Kings and the Free League
Jon Manker have been working on the game design of the game Crusader Kings together with Tomas Härensam and Nils Karlén at Free League, who also publish this game.. It is in final playtesting now and very soon mass production will start.

It is a great game, Jon is very pleased with how the design turned out. It has captured the spirit of the digital game upon which it is based but still stand on its own feets as a boardgame. The gameplay combines fun, sometimes hilarious elements with strategy in several levels (warfare, deceitful actions and family management) using a clever mechanic for determining successes that ties to your choices during the game. If you are interested there is still a window of opportunity for a late pledge here. 

Games Being Designed
Expedition Zetta Achievement and Charting
A final detail in the Expedition Zetta design have been accomplished. The Charting the Universe Module, an online feature. This consists of a printable sheet that can be used both to take notes on which planetary systemes you have travelled to and to calculate the score for a game. Under “SYSTEM” this form you write the name of the system as written on the Quick Zetta card, or as extracted from the letters on the Zetta PSG cards. Then you can return to the same system or share the system with others.
You can also write the star class, the discovery values and what planets different orbits have if you like. (The system name is most important though because through this you can recreate all the other information).

We also made an online form to make the sharing of “Chartered” systems easier. If you want to see all the results submitted through this form you can look here.

Finally there is an Achievement sheet that you can download and start trying to complete. Some of them are quite tricky to accomplish.The achievement sheet is deliberately sparse in its layout since we invite all who download it to contribute suggestions for new achievements to add to the list. Email such suggestions to . All suggestions will be considered for being included in upcoming editions of the Expedition Zetta Achievement list.

Bios:Origins 2 & Pax Transhumanity Handed Off to Art
Bios:Origins is getting the final touches to the game design. Phil has the boulder but Jon also work on this process. Illustrator Johanna Westerlund have finalized more than half of the many illustrations for all the cards (over 200) and the tech tracks (36 illustrations). Illustrator Johanna Pettersson is done with the cover art for Bios:Origins and also with all illustrations for the cards for Pax Transhumanity.. Karim is done with all art design for Pax Transhumanity and is working on the art design together with Phil.

Games Being Produced
Panda games have already started the initial manufacturing process for the games in our kickstarter since it is funded and we know now that we are going to print the games.
Pax Porfiriana, Bios:Genesis and Bios:Megafauna
Pax Porfiriana is having tweaks done to it by Phil. This involve the rules. Also the board will be improved and here we hope that Matt will have a suggestion done soon. The rules for Bios:Genesis and Bios:Megafauna will be updated with the latest versions from the living rules for the new small print run. Jon is working on implementing them into the originals. Also Bios:Megafauna will have the art design of the environment board tweaks to make it clearer to read. Karim has already done this work.

Expedition Zetta Packing and shipping incl Portraits
After a very long manufacturing process and a lot of unexpected delays Expedition Zetta will now within a week finally be shipped out from our manufacturer Ningbo Easter to the fulfillment center Aimplify in Germany. The aim is that backers will get the game before Christmas, however there are still things that can cause delays. But we have opted for a substantially more expensive, but faster shipping method using railway in order to do what everything we possibly could to make the Christmas deadline. Now we can only hope that all shipping companies involved live up to their promises.
In regards to the Portraits for the pledge level ZETTA PIONEER they are now in our office waiting to be shipped out to their backers very soon.

Production Plan Infographic
We all at Ion/SMG wish you great 
game sessions until next time!
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