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WWIO is in a massive market and holding the patent for providing a specific methodology for inserting ads into eBooks. WWIO is leading the eBook evolution.

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WOWIO, Inc., (WWIO) is a technology development company with a patented process and a proprietary mobile ad-delivery platform that will disrupt the eBook distribution landscape by exploiting a previously untapped marketplace: advertising-supported eBooks! Our exclusive ownership of an issued patent that governs this opportunity allows us to expand our reach as a digital media company far beyond producing and distributing content across multiple platforms. WOWIO has built and acquired a number of digital media technologies, platforms and distribution outlets and is focusing its efforts on opportunities to create and monetize ancillary content product lines beyond eBooks and other forms of digital media.

Value Proposition:

Aggressive Growth by Acquisition Model: WOWIO recently announced that the company has entered into an Agreement with Boston-based Acquis Capital to evaluate potential strategic acquisition targets. "We think WOWIO's business plan to distribute eBooks and other digital media provides a strong opportunity for accelerated growth through multiple strategic acquisitions, " commented Sam Kotch, Founding Partner of Acquis. "We are excited to have entered into this Agreement with WOWIO because we believe their intellectual property can be greatly enhanced by acquiring complementary technologies and media assets."

High Barriers to Entry for Future Competition: In December, 2010, WOWIO was issued patent #7,848,951 providing a specific methodology for inserting ads into eBooks. Advertising partners have included Fandango, Maxim Magazine, ABC Television, and many more national brands. Ad-supported eBook distribution promotes the consumption of literature and increases global literacy. EBook sales are accelerating, greatly due to the proliferation of smart personal devices. 1 in 5 books purchased will be an eBook by the end of 2012. Studio W's ad-supported eBook model helps expand the universe of available eBook titles and eBook consumers. Ad-supported eBooks enable publishers to reach broader audiences and provide brands/advertisers with a non-traditional way to connect with consumers.

Amazing Growth Potential for the Wowio Markets: According to a new forecast from eMarketer, total media spending in the US will see its largest increase in a decade reaching 180.1 billion dollars. The firm says that the growth will be lead by TV and mobile. Overall digital ad spending will represent almost 30 percent of all US ad spending this year according to eMarketer, which bases its forecasts on a wide range of third party data including other firms’ media spending forecasts.

Model Boasts Four Different Revenue Streams:

For eBook downloads purchased by the customer directly through the Company’s website, the Company recognizes revenue when the right to download content is granted. Occasionally, the Company sells download cards to retailers and directly to end customers, which are redeemable on its websites for content downloads over an established time frame.

Visitor demographics and time spent on a website are the primary drivers behind advertising-based revenue models for internet properties. Website advertising revenue is primarily recognized on a flat-fee basis based on cost per thousand impressions (“CPM”). The Company earns CPM revenue from the display of graphical advertisements on its websites.

Patent Licensing
The Company owns Patent No. 7,848,951, issued by the USPTO on December 7, 2010, protecting the insertion of ads into eBooks. The Company intends to pursue patent licensing arrangements with eBook distribution outlets looking to create new revenue streams for eBook downloads.

Creative IP Licensing
Revenues are also generated by the exploitation of WOWIO’s own proprietary content of creative material such as comic books, graphic novels, screenplays, and other published and non-published content. The WOWIO-owned Spacedog library is available for sale on and the Company retains 90% of all retail sales for that content library.
Seasoned Management Up for the Challenge: CEO Brian Altounian, As CEO and President of WOWIO, Inc., he has transformed an eBook distribution company into a broader digital media company dubbed "Studio W," an emerging pioneer employing a "Brand-Strategy approach" to develop, produce, distribute and promote entertainment properties across multiple product lines and distribution channels, including traditional media, social media and emerging technologies. In addition to his experience with startup technology and intellectual property companies, Mr. Altounian has worked extensively in the entertainment industry with a successful consulting practice, advising companies in the areas of finance, administration, operations and business development.

Jacob Morris is considered by many to be a digital strategist pioneer. As the Chief Operating Officer at Studio W/ WOWIO he serves in the capacity of overseeing the continued business matters in revenue growth as well as day-to-day operations of the company.

CFO Bryan Bengston brings over twenty-five years of senior executive level business experience and knowledge to Wowio, Inc. (Wowio). Bryan has been the Chief Financial Officer and worked with growth stage companies looking to create and profitably implement their strategic plan. Previously, Bryan was the Chief Financial Officer at Ironhawk Technologies, Inc. (Ironhawk), a developer of software for the Department of Defense. Bryan led Ironhawk’s finance, investing, accounting, legal and risk management operations and was a key member of the management team that was responsible for developing and executing Ironhawk’s overall growth strategy, including negotiating contracts with the Department of Defense and large government contractors.

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