Subject: VCOR is Set Up Nicely in a Hot New Market!

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VCOR is Set Up Nicely in a Hot New Market!

Vencor International, Inc.
6525 Gunpark Drive
Suite 370-141
Boulder, CO 80301


In an effort to create a real solution for today’s power generation, Vencor International has developed a torrefied wood pellet product that provides a clean alternative to the growing need of coal- fired power plants worldwide that is both carbon neutral and has a high energy output.

Vencor International is in the business of torrefaction - specifically, torrefied wood pellets as a renewable energy source that can replace traditional coal in coal-fired power plants.

Under the leadership of highly regarded industry expert James Gaspard, CEO of Vencor International, the Company is currently providing torrefied wood pellets for high capacity customers around the world.


Torrefied wood pellets. The product that looks, acts and burns like coal. Our torrefied wood pellet product is a product that addresses the growing need of coal firing power plants worldwide, for green energy that delivers both a carbon neutral and a high energy output solution. Vencor International’s torrefied wood pellet products will accomplish this feat and more. Our torrefied pellets are made primarily from timber waste. Millions of metric tons of timber waste is produced by sawmills and lumber yards when producing wood products. This green-energy waste product can be used in the manufacturing of our torrefied pellets using the torrefaction process.

Value Proposition:

  • VCOR appears to be a very well run young company in a hot new market with a hot new product.
  • In late 2014 the Company reduced its debt by over six million dollars.
  • The Company has made smart moves to add real talent like new CEO James Gaspard. His background in converting timber waste into a high quality charcoal-like material provides him with the necessary knowledge to grow Vencor into a large player in the torrefied pellet business.
  • VCOR is off to a great start in with a huge new order announced 1/15/15
  • The Company has made the initial moves for up listing in 2015 by hiring the LAR Law Group
  • Vencor is set for big things 2015 having landed the exclusive rights to special torrefaction equipment needed for increased production capacity to meet consumer demand.
VCOR Chart

Pink Sheets: VCOR

Market Value:
8,350,724 a/o Jan 27, 2015

Shares Outstanding:
1,057,053,690 a/o Oct 15, 2014

583,181,244 a/o Oct 15, 2014

Authorized Shares:

5,000,000,000 a/o Oct 15, 2014

Shareholders of Record:
447 a/o Oct 15, 2014

Short Interest
0 (-100%) May 30, 2014

Transfer Agent:
VStock Transfer LLC


Vencor International Receives Purchase Order to Produce 3,000 Tons of Bio-Coal

Vencor International to Acquire Exclusive Rights to Torrefaction Equipment


James Gaspard

Director, Sales & Mkt.

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