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New Client OCFN Ready to Breakout

Omega Commercial Finance Corp.
1000 5th Street Suite 200
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 704.3294

Investment Highlights:

  • Huge, Surging Industry. Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, or CMBS, are estimated by, a top CMBS research firm, to be valued at 750 B dollars with 250 billion dollars of underlying mortgages maturing between now and 2014.
  • Solid Business Model. Omega Commercial Finance Corporation is a fundamentally solid company with no legacy debt that is executing a proven business model that has taken companies like Cantor Fitzgerald, Ladder Capital and Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance to leadership positions in the field.
  • Strategic Associates. OCFN has strategically aligned itself with top mortgage-banking firms such as Grandbridge, Berkadi, HFF, Carton Group, Bayview, and Avison Young to utilize their vast loan producers/sales force - that is well over 100 producers - for the purpose of marketing its core property and CMBS-style loan products.
  • Properties in the Works. Through additional partnership, OCFN will own interest in Towers Real Estate Limited, which will have a sellout value of 140 M dollars with the asset's current as-is fair market value of 57.1 M dollars, and Garden VE, which upon completion the Luxury Hotel & Golf Course property shall have a market value of 153 M dollars.
  • Multi-Faceted Revenues. Through its many offerings and subsidiaries, Omega anticipates both substantial and immediate revenue. Its factoring division alone is able to support up to 15 M dollars in production based on a conservative 3x leverage from their Warehouse Line of Credit that garners monthly revenues from Advanced Fees in the amount up to of 4.5 M dollars (or 380,000 dollars per month) over a trailing 12-month cycle upon implementation.
  • Secured Finances. Omega has signed an Investment Agreement for a 25 M dollar equity line of credit with a small cap institutional hedge fund that can be accessed by exercising "Puts" for working capital to allow OCFN to efficiently expand operations over the next 3 years.


Omega Commercial Finance Corp. trades under ticker symbol (OCFN) and is a commercial real estate lender and specialty finance holding company. Through its subsidiary Omega Capital Street LLC, the company shall originate and manage performing commercial real estate, senior-mortgage loans within the United States, such as office, retail, hospitality, industrial, and multifamily types. Additionally, as one of the various options, OCFN has strategically aligned itself with top mortgage-banking firms such as Grandbridge, Berkadi, HFF, Carton Group, and Bayview to utilize their vast loan producers/sales force for the purpose of marketing our core property and CMBS-style loan products. The term "CMBS style" herein is used specifically for marketing purposes only to describe the intent of OCFN to implement & utilize CMBS standardized securitization and underwriting protocols. These underwriting standards enable OCFN to monitor the market for determining if and when the most optimal time is to recapitalize the balance sheet with the securitization and issuance of CMBS'. The launch of this subsidiary combined with the assistance from companies like Grandbridge soliciting OCFN's new loan program via their national coverage from the vast sales force spread throughout the country should yield numerous quality loan originations onto OCFN's balance sheet. Most of the major CMBS players positioned within the industry are using this lending product. As a small cap, non-regulated banking institution, OCFN is able to compete with these larger and more capitalized firms by creating an aggressive, proprietary pricing matrix with a conservative and sound lending strategy that will allow OCFN to successfully capture market share and cultivate the company to a prosperous 2012. In the specialty finance sector as a direct lender, Omega Factoring LLC, which is another subsidiary of OCFN will prudently originate accounts receivable-based lines of credit better known as factoring.

Value Proposition:

  • OCFN core Balance Sheet lending business model encompasses a Trillion Dollar Global finance capital markets industry that is under financed due to the past credit debacle, which eliminated thousands of small community banks and discouraged larger institutional lenders and banking firms.
  • OCFN could support loan production to surpass 1 billion dollars in the next 12 to 18 months based on having strategically aligned itself with top commercial real estate mortgage-banking firms such as Grandbridge, Berkadi, HFF, Carton Group, and Bayview to utilize their vast loan producers/sales force, that is well over 100 producers, for the purpose of marketing our lending programs and creating product flow.
  • OCFN has a 25 Million Dollar Equity Line of Credit in place with a small cap company institutional hedge fund that can be accessed for working capital to allow for OCFN to prudently expand operations over the next 3 years.
  • OCFN has completed two strategic alliances that have increased its Assets on the Balance Sheet by 25 Million dollars with the estimated Book Value increase of .79 per share.

OCFN Chart


Shares Outstanding:
32,889,500 as of Mar 29, 2012

9,413,734 as of Mar 29, 2012

Authorized Shares:
100,000,000 as of Mar 29, 2012

Shareholders of Record:
2,482 as of Apr 15, 2008

Transfer Agent:
PacWest Transfer


Omega Commercial Finance Corporation's Year-Over-Year Cash Flow Increased by 230%

Omega Commercial Finance Corporation & Strategic Property Associates Design Underwriting Model

Omega Commercial Finance Corporation Hires Berkadia Commercial Mortgage LLC


Jon S. Cummings IV


Jon S. Cummings III
Co-Chairman International Business Affairs

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