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InterCore Energy Inc.
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InterCore Energy, Inc. (“ICE”) is a publicly traded (OTCBB: ICOR) private equity firm with a focus on cleantech energy investment opportunities. As an owner of operating assets and as an investor, ICE serves the financial and other needs of emerging companies run by talented entrepreneurs and operating executives who are dedicated to creating profitable businesses that create positive change in our world. Generally investing in or acquiring companies that are at the cusp of commercialization, ICE functions as a holding and investment company, broadly akin to Berkshire Hathaway or other such private equity firms, focused primarily on providing equity, acquisition debt, or bridge financing to emerging high-growth companies and entrepreneurs. Additionally, based on its management’s depth of experience, ICE may supplement the capabilities of its portfolio companies in non-financial areas to help them achieve their potential, thereby maximizing the value of the investment for ICE’s shareholders.

On January 23, 2013 InterCore Energy, Inc. announced it has acquired SRG, Inc. SRG, Inc., based in New York, owns the "ADS Software". The ADS Software is ADS™ (Alertness Detection Software), a system designed around proprietary alertness detection technologies, which helps alert operators to their work activity capability based on real time monitoring of their state of alertness. The ADS™ methodology employs a unique approach for assessing sleepiness and low alertness levels via the observed behavior of operators in their real work environments.

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Tight Float
Tight float of only 46 million shares

The Company
SRG International LLC is a start-up company with a well-established product. SRG is the unique position of having a new product without the costs of development and trial. SRG wants to raise capital for initial contracting and marketing of this product. Very little is needed for the ADS™ to take a stronghold in the transportation safety technology sector.

Market Potential
The outlook for the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) market is very promising. Driving while in the drowsy state is acknowledged to be a common cause of road crashes. Various estimates suggest that about 20% of all highway crashes are due to “drowsy driving.”

The road transportation industry (i.e. commercial tractors and coach), the insurance industry, governments and official authorities have all expressed a great interest in ITS solutions aimed at effectively minimizing and preventing the losses associated with accidents caused by operator’s alertness impairment. In addition, with mobile app devices becoming more integrated into everyday life and applications stores becoming a focal point for the major players in the tech industry such as Google and Apple, consumers have been familiar with the experience of using application.

The projected revenue for 2014 includes a target of 75,000 trucks in the transport industry at 100 dollars a month on a 3 year contract.

The approach of the ADS™ towards the problem of alertness detection is unique and considerably more effective than any other product on the market. Current technologies can detect sleep only once it actually occurs, leaving the operator just a few seconds to react to imminent danger. The ADS™, however, is able to detect the first signs of sleepiness as early as 120 minutes before the operator actually falls asleep. Therefore, the technology conceived by SRG is the only one capable of warning users long before they have become cognitively incapacitated.

The value of this product does not just lie with the user. The user will certainly benefit from the safety of improved sleep detection, but it does not end there. Dispatchers will benefit with the enhanced monitoring of drivers. Transportation and freight companies will be able to run more efficiently and cost effectively. Non-consumer value will also be experienced. One such case is government value. ADS™ will create safer roads, which will save the government money in infrastructure and lawsuit costs. Perhaps the largest value of non-consumers comes from insurance companies.

SRG plans to release ADS™ as a smart phone app. This means SRG does not need to manufacture equipment and the consumer is not required to purchase any new devices, making a more affordable product and allowing more revenue to turn into profits.

Regulatory Issues
There are almost no regulatory issues. On the contrary, current regulations improve the chances for ADS™ to thrive in the transportation industry. Governmental authorities and departments of transportation show the utmost interest in backing up proven technologies, eventually transforming their adoption into law.

Future Products
Additionally, SRG will release the ADS™ Complete Solution, which will use telecommunication, also through the smart phone, to provide real-time data to dispatchers and to SRG. This monthly plan will allow dispatchers to monitor their drivers, and can assist them in finding appropriate stopping points en route.
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Market Value:
1,082,845 dollars a/o Mar 12, 2013

Shares Outstanding:
a/o Nov 21, 2012

Shareholders of Record:
97 a/o May 11, 2012

Transfer Agent:
ClearTrust, LLC





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Claude Brun

Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Beauchamp

James F. Groelinger

Frederick Larcombe
Chief Financial Officer

Wayne LeBlanc
Executive Vice President

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