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Make Sure You Put STHC On Your Radar For Tomorrow!

Southcorp Capital Inc.
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STHC Puts Out Huge News

SouthCorp Capital Announces Sale of Two Additional Properties

SouthCorp Capital, Inc. (STHC) announced yesterday that the Company has agreed to sell two of its properties for $70k. The Company’s cost related to the properties was approximately $7.5k. As such the Company expects to issue a dividend of approximately $50k to the shareholders from the sale of these properties.

In the past two weeks the Company has accomplished the following goals:
  1. sold 3 properties for in excess of $100k (with a cost basis of $17.5K)
  2. acquired two additional properties
  3. paid a cash dividend of $.00008 per share to shareholders of record as of August 15, 2014
  4. has a accrued dividend of $.0002 per share to be paid in September.

The Company is currently in discussions for the sale of additional properties and the acquisition of residential and commercial properties as well and should be able to provide an update shortly regarding the transactions.

About STHC

The Company focus is on the acquisition and renovation of single-family and mutli-family properties in the U.S. with the intent of reselling the property after renovations have occurred. Our real estate investments are expected to focus properties undervalued and/or in need of some repairs.

STHC recently released a pr stating their corporate plan. It stated its plan of operations and expansion plan. The Company’s corporate plan is to initially acquire houses to renovate and flip. The Company wants to use the cash generated from the sale of these houses to acquire properties such as apartment complexes, senior living facilitates and/or mobile home parks. The goal is that these properties will provide a steady and predicable income that can be distributed to our shareholders. Our goal is to be able to increase our dividends to $150,000 - $200,000 per month without any major change to our current share structure. Then we want to begin to increase that from the income generated from the apartment complexes, senior living facilitates and/or mobile home parks.

The Company plans on flipping one house a month to build up our cash position. Then we want to increase it to 2-3 houses a month within the next 90 days. We expect the average profit per house to be between $35,000 and $70,000.

The Company recently sold its property located at 602 Wagner Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana for $35,000. The Company’s costs related to the property were approximately $10,000. This equates to a 250% ROI. The Company does not expect its ROI to continue to be that high, but we look at properties where we can obtain an ROI of 40-60%. The Company decided to begin in Indiana for a few of reasons: (1) we believe we can achieve the targeted ROI, (2) our officers have previously bought and sold properties in Indiana, and (3) the capital outlay is lower than other areas.

Flip Model: It has been reported that the average flip generates a profit of approximately $100,000 and typically have an average purchase price of around $210,000. But those numbers never reflect renovation costs and are based on the purchase price of house and the sales price. As a result, the actual profit is usually much less. The Company expects its total expenses per flip to be between $35,000 and $70,000 with expected profits of $30,000 to $45,000. So with the $210,000 to purchase one house, the Company can purchase and renovate between 4-6 houses and have expected profits of $150,000 - $200,000. This, in management’s opinion, provides a better model and is expected to provide higher dividends to our shareholders.

The Company expects to provide updates on its properties on Wednesdays via press releases. The Company will also provide updates in 8-Ks in accordance with the requirements of Form 8-K.

Make Sure You Put STHC On High Alert!

STHC Chart

Pink Sheets: STHC

Market Value:
7,222,662 a/o Aug 18, 2014

Shares Outstanding:
249,057,315 a/o Jul 29, 2014

29,051,699 a/o Jul 29, 2014

Authorized Shares:
800,000,000 a/o Jul 29, 2014

Par Value:

Shareholders of Record:
481 a/o Jul 29, 2014

Short Interest
0 (-100%)
Jan 13, 2012

Transfer Agent:
Pacific Stock Transfer Co.


SouthCorp Capital Announces Sale of Two Additional Properties

SouthCorp Capital Announces Corporate Plan


Joseph Wade

Matt Billington
Vice President

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