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Cornerstone Sustainable Energy Completes Reverse Merger Transaction with Receivable Acquisition & Management Corporation

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy
162 S. Ranco Santa Fe Rd.
Suite B-85, Encinitas CA 92024
T: 760-634-4400
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Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, Inc., (“CSE”) is focused on energy infrastructure development projects and delivering alternative energy solutions to a wide range of commercial and not-for-profit customers.

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy is one of the companies leading the way in revolutionizing mechanical engineering. From oil pumps to air conditioning, Sustainable Energy's PwrCor™ Engine is proving more and more to be the next best thing in environmentally-friendly energy. Not only is PwrCor™ Technology better for the environment, it is actually much more efficient in general. In a test comparing the total KW output of the CSE’s PwrCor™ Technology (thermal hydraulics) and the Organic Rankine Cycle Technology (heat-to-power), using the same heat source resulted in the PwrCor™ Technology producing 8 times the electrical output as the ORC technology engine.

The fact that the PwrCor™ Technology runs on such low temperatures and flows than other technologies it is a better, more effective power source for the 823,000 oil and gas wells that co-produce hot water and actually enabling the production of more electrical power from the same resource. While this particular event is known as a thermal hydraulic engine operation, the design of the PwrCor™ Technology allows it to generate power at any heat source.

Operating with the same principle as a thermometer, hot water enters a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the liquid CO2, which acts as the working fluid in the engine. Liquefied CO2 is used because its coefficient of expansion is very high meaning, based its temperature, it can expand and contract while remaining in liquid form. Once the working fluid is heated, it expands pushing the piston in the engine’s cylinder up, cold water contracts the working fluid bringing the piston down and ending the cycle. A 250kw engine uses 16 cylinders all timed to drive a hydraulic pump at 1800 RPM resulting in 1155ft of torque at 335 HP, which is enough to generate 250kw of power.

One of the key benefits of Sustainable Energy, LLC’s PwrCor™ Technology is that it is relatively silent because it is a thermal hydraulic engine. This engine’s revolutionary design gives it a huge advantage over other engines in that not only is PwrCor™ Technology one of the most eco-friendly engines in existence, it has also been proven to outperform the current mainstream technology.

Another major benefit of PwrCor™ Technology is its versatility. Since it has the unique ability to use any heat source, it can also be used in place of any engine. It is being used currently to pump oil from wells, but the real life applications for PwrCor™ Technology are almost limitless. The engine was successfully tested as a water pump at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, India as well as a successful demonstration of its capability to perform water purification using reverse osmosis at the Water Quality Improvement Center at Yuma. AZ. A major gas company in Arizona is funding the research, development and refinement of PwrCor™ Technology for producing air conditioning using a combination of solar and gas heat.


  • Strong management team and advisory board. Tom Telegades, Chief Executive Officer, brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in electrical contracting, computer technology, marketing and construction project management. Peter Fazio, Chief Operating Officer, brings over 30 years of management experience in electrical construction, construction technology and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as in-depth experience with the equipment at the heart of CSE’s PwrCor™ technology. The advisory board members, all of whom are actually engaged in the business on an active basis, include an array of industry insiders and talents important to the success of the enterprise. Learn more about the management and advisory board here.

  • According to reports by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, there are 823,000 oil and gas wells in the U.S. that produce hot water as a byproduct of oil and gas production. These wells can produce an estimated 25 billion barrels of water annually which could be used as fuel to produce up to 3 GW of clean power. By tapping this enormous resource to generate clean energy, the power generation potential is significant and should not be ignored.

  • PwrCor™ technology operates at much lower temperatures and flows than other technologies. Thus it will be able to work with far more of the 823,000 oil and gas wells that co-produce hot water and be able to produce more electrical power from the same resource.

  • The right Company at the right time. Recent years have shown a dramatic increase in the interest in clean and sustainable energy generation. This has been encouraged, and in part driven, by governmental focus on reducing emissions and by increasingly restrictive rules and requirements from Federal regulators. The resulting industry response has tended to focus on wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels, both of which have been demonstrated to be not just terribly costly on a dollar-per-watt basis, but also unsuitable for most baseload power and many supplemental power uses. Moreover, neither can operate without substantial government and taxpayer subsidies. CSE instead sees enormous opportunities in more reliable - and free, abundant, and virtually inexhaustible - sources of “green” energy, such as geothermal heat and solar heat. Other easily tapped sources of energy include heat from the combustion of stranded gas and biogas (which both contribute much more to atmospheric pollution if released un-combusted) as well as an immeasurably large opportunity in the arena of waste heat, such as that given off as a consequence of commercial heating and cooling, factory operations, chemical processes, mining, smelting, oil and gas extraction, refining, and - ironically - power generation.
  • The time is now. 2012 was a very important year for this company as it laid the foundation for the explosive growth this Company could potentially see in 2013 and beyond. With the technology now in place and the target markets acquired, it won’t take long for investors to see if RCVA can take this to the next level.
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Market Value:
1,691,901 as of Jun 19, 2013

Shares Outstanding:
18,798,896 a/o May 13, 2013

Shareholders of Record:
270 a/o Dec 31, 2012

Transfer Agent:
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company


Thomas Telegades, Chief Executive Officer of Receivable Acquisition & Management Corporation, is Featured in a New Audio Interview at

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy Completes Reverse Merger Transaction with Receivable Acquisition & Management Corporation


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