Subject: Santa working OT? 16% OFF @ SKD Today!


OK, back to Teddy Bears because apparently some of you don't understand that *NSFW* means to open only in the privacy of your Den of Sin. 

Just kidding, we’ll send you another *NSFW* pic tomorrow :P
Meanwhile, feel the Holiday Spirit to the tune of 16% OFF Site-Wide.

Oh, and take note: We’re blowing out our Oakley inventory so enjoy the savings on ALL Oakley items sitewide!

Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0 Sunglasses

There are Oakleys, and then there are Oakleys. These are the latter. With 180 degree optical clarity in all three interchangeable lense options (each of which meets or exceeds ballistic fragmentation impact standards of MIL PRF-31013, Clause, and the high mass & high velocity impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003/2010) the SI Ballistic M frame 3.0’s are the pinnacle of Oakley engineering.

The best lenses in the world are useless without frames that you can wear into battle, which is why hyper durable thin-stem innovation makes the M Frame compatible with over-the-ear hearing protection and comm systems. The heat of battle is tough enough without a poorly designed gear induced headache, which is why these 3.0's are as thin as possible while still being able to grip and stay on your head while you focus on doing your job. Because men who work are men who sweat, these puppies are equipped with an anti-fog coating on the lenses to preserve precision optics and a hydrophilic Unobtainium® nose pad to keep them on your face. The best part? They barely weigh more than an ounce.

$130.00 $109.20 after 16% discount (automatically applied at checkout)
Mountain Hardwear Hunker Military Tent - Coyote Brown

Made for and issued to NSW (SEALS), only available here at SKD in very limited quantities. We just ordered the entire remaining inventory from Mountain Hardwear (Oct. 2016), so once they're gone from here, they're gone for good.

$489.00 $410.76 after 16% discount (automatically applied at checkout)

Mountain Hardwear Hunker Military Tent - Titanium

Shelter is the number one priority for survival in inclement environments- then water, then food. If you have ever wanted a single person shelter system that will perform in all 4 seasons for your survival kit, this is the limited opportunity you do not want to miss.

This product was developed for Naval Special Warfare sniper/observer teams, and has never been available previously to the public in its original military Coyote color. Like most premium outdoor brands, Mountain Hardwear has on occasion produced specialty products for the Special Operations community in limited quantities that are not offered to the public. Also like most premium outdoor brands, the vast majority of Mountain Hardwear products are made overseas in large factories to leverage a wide range of commercial materials and achieve economies in manufacturing. Due to the fact that our military Special Operations units require Made-in-USA products to comply with the Berry Amendment (if you don't know what this is, Google it), often these special not-for-public items become even more exclusive by the fact that they are actually MADE HERE.

$489.00 $410.76 after 16% discount (automatically applied at checkout)


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