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Arc'teryx Atom LT Jacket LEAF

Unleash the power of the atom with this versatile wrapper. With just the right ratio of insulation to breathability, the Arcteryx Atom Lt Jacket is an excellent mid-layer or stand alone jacket. Polartec® Power Stretch® tech along each side provides a full range of motion while reducing the bulk on your sides and preventing interference with your sidearm and support side belt items. Available in three tactical colors, the Atom will balance function with form so it’s ready for whatever adventures you are while coordinating with your intrepid style.

$219.00 $194.91 after 11% discount (automatically applied at checkout)
Zero Tolerance 0360.SKD Knife, Folder w/ SpeedSafe, Carbide Tip

Zero Tolerance 0360.SKD Knife *An SKD Exclusive!*- Of course this is a biased review, but if it gets carried daily, it deserves mention. The Zero Tolerance 0360.SKD & the ALL-NEW 0360TS.SKD (Tiger Stripe) are by far the best combination of practicality, strength, speed and quality I've ever carried in a folding knife- period. I was a fan of ZT quality before conceiving this model, but the 0300 series was not very practical for daily carry for me due to the width. The 0350 was a quantum leap in EDC practicality, but was still a bit wide in it's profile when folded. The ZT 0360.SKD manages to shave width and weight- one of the coolest thing you notice is the increase in opening speed when compared side by side with the 0350. I'm still trying to abuse it when I can, and it's still holding an awesome edge. When it opens and locks up, it is simply a FISTFUL OF AWESOME. The tastefully installed Carbide Tip Glass Breaker is the ultimate vehicle extrication insurance policy. This latest production 0360.SKD is the first ZT folder EVER to offer 2 (TWO!) pocket clips from the factory and a factory Torx Wrench.

$179.00 $159.31 after 11% discount (automatically applied at checkout)


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