Subject: #PatriotPlateCarrier Winners Announced!

When running a Patriotic picture contest for the Shellback Tactical Patriot Plate Carrier, what are the qualities one looks for? 

You look things like Blue Smoke.. lots of Multicam.. and M72s on a rocking horse of course! 

Congrats to these EPIC winners of our #patriotplatecarrier contest with Shellback Tactical! These three Patriots will each win a Patriot Plate Carrier in the color of their choice and carry on the proud tradition of Patriotism. Congratulations fellas, and thanks to everyone who participated.


If you're looking to accessorize your Shellback Patriot Plate Carrier, we just received the New Patriot KYWI Panel from ESSTAC. 

 Custom designed to fit the 5 Molle Channel front of the Patriot Plate Carrier, the New ESSTAC Patriot KYWI Panel gives you 2 M4 reloads and 1 Pistol reload with the ever-popular ESSTAC KYWI (Kydex Wedge Insert) retention system. The Panel is fully ambidextrous and is available in colors to match your Shellback Patriot PC! Made in USA! USA! USA! USA!


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