Subject: PTSD Awareness Day


June 27th is National PTSD Awareness Day. This is just one day out of the year, but here at SKD Tactical, we take it as a reminder that we need to be there for our loved ones everyday.

For those of us at SKD that are veterans, close to our hearts are the 30% of our fellow Brothers and Sisters who have served in combat that experience PTSD during their lifetime. Also in our thoughts are the estimated 8% of the general population that is affected by significant trauma in the same way.

 Please remember to stay in touch with your friends/family that may have scars from something in the past. Isolation is one of the biggest barriers to healing. Just being there for someone you care about serves as a reminder that life is beautiful. It’s much better for someone to lean on you than on something self-destructive. We’re begging you to never quit on stopping thoughts and/or substances from taking away someone you care about.

Community goes a long way in taking care of our loved ones. Less than half of those affected by PTSD seek treatment to heal.

If you know someone in need, we humbly recommend looking into an awesome resource such as Warrior’s Heart. Tom Spooner and team have built an amazing resource to treat and heal Warriors from military and public service. We look up to him as a Brother to emulate in how we live our personal lives- his strength and giving sets an example for how we all should take care of each other.

We’d also like to make a shameless plug for our Presscheck Assault Gloves- 30% of proceeds from the sale of each pair of gloves goes directly to treatment scholarships at Warrior’s Heart. This SKD collaboration with Tom Spooner and Chuck Pressburg is just a small way we try to give back to those we respect and care so much about. Our Brother Chuck is another stellar example in being there for your mates and going out of your way for others.

We know this is a somber message, but we can all be the light at the end of the tunnel for each other.


Team SKD