Subject: New SKD Webstore!

Dear SKD Customer,

On 8 January 2021, we will be refreshing our webstore. We’re excited about bringing you a new look in the interest of better serving your tactical gear needs.

Behind the scenes, there will be a brief transition time, but our intent is to make that go unnoticed by you as much as possible.

However, your order history will no longer be accessible for orders placed before 1/8/2021. We will still process eligible returns/exchanges per our policy, and will work with you on referencing past orders as needed. You’ll lose the ability to reference kit sizing from your order history prior to 1/8/2021, so we suggest recording that information somewhere if you think it would be helpful.

Presscheck Glove Pre-orders: Thank you for supporting the Warriors Heart Foundation with your Pre-order of the NEW Presscheck Assault Glove! The work WHF does to help Warriors out of dark times is close to our hearts, and we appreciate your support. We will contact you separately to keep you in the loop on final fulfillment of your glove order.