Subject: Introducing the SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Riser!

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If you run an Aimpoint PRO or Comp M4 with the factory QRP2 Mount- REJOICE- for Ye is Risen!

Offering 4 of the most popular heights today, you can now match your PRO or Comp M4 mounting heights to other setups in your quiver for only $40!

But wait, there's MOARRR!!!

If you purchase your Aimpoint PRO from, you can add a Riser of your choice for only $20!!!

The SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Riser was designed for SKD by our friends at Arisaka Defense, and uses specifications from Aimpoint factory drawings and Aimpoint factory finish specs. Made from 6061-T651 Aluminum with Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2 Hard Anodizing, this quality part is MADE IN USA and will provide a lifetime of hard use.


237 E. Fifth St. Suite 223, Eureka, MO 63025, United States
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