Subject: Introducing the PIG Cold Weather Glove!

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28 1015S OCT 2019 
Coldsville, USA

It's a cold day at the local range, but not cold enough to dissuade the hardest among your crew.  Everyone knows that you wear PIG FDT Alpha Gloves to shoot, but this time you pull the ALL-NEW PIG FDT Cold Weather Gloves out of your range bag!  You beam with pride, saying "Check these out guys... insulated with touch screen compatibility on all five digits." Shivering figures with numb fingers lean in with jealous eyes.  Jaws fall slack in disbelief.  As you pull on the fleece-lined wind-resistant gloves, you feel a wave of warmth settle on your hands, partly from the burning hot jealousy from your friends.

For gloves that will keep you warm while offering you unsurpassed tactile dexterity and touchscreen sensitivity, reach for the PIG FDT Cold Weather Gloves when the temperatures drop!

Available now in Black and White, in both Men's and Women's Sizes for
ONLY $57.95!


237 E. Fifth St. Suite 223, Eureka, MO 63025, United States
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