Subject: 24 Hours: PIG MK-2 DROP SLIDER SLING 25% OFF!!!

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Lemme get one thing out of the way...
The PIG MK-2 Drop Slider Sling is a Single Point Sling.

Before you say you know errrthang about Single Point Slings, check out the PIG MK-2 Drop Slider...

"It dumps your primary right into your crotch when you transition, right?"

NOPE. The proprietary metal rec ring on the slider assembly drops your primary onto your off-side without having to guide or pull it throughout your transition.

"Huh? OK, well I'm tripping over it when I move while slung and it bangs around my knees, right?"

Again, NOPE. The PIG MK-2 Drop Slider is designed to be worn high and tight around the torso, and the short pig tail slider is long enough for you to shoulder your primary bilaterally, but not so long that it will be dragging on the dirt between your feet as you try to move slung.

Try out the PIG MK-2 DROP SLIDER for 25% OFF TODAY ONLY!

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