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Improving CLASSROOM and STUDENT success
The Instructional Coaching Institute is a five-session series, created for coaches, lead teachers, department heads, and other building leaders, designed to develop highly accomplished instructional leaders. Participants will study the practices and skills necessary for impactful coaching and apply them in real-time as they support teacher growth.

One Degree Shift Cohorts - Join Katrice Quitter and a cohort of other educators for a unique professional development series to explore diversity, equity, and inclusion in your system.

Packet-free Teaching - Curate lessons that fit students' needs, engage them in deeper thinking about texts, and teach them how to make meaning from texts, not just answer questions.

Impactful Coaching and Feedback Cohort - Join a school embedded professional learning experience that builds instructional leadership capacity for administrators and instructional coaches. Cohort members will observe classroom teaching in small groups and practice impactful feedback and coaching strategies.

Visible Learning in Mathematics Book Study - Participate in a ten-week online book study using the newest resources in the Visible Learning for Mathematics series. Select your grade band book from the “Teaching Mathematics in the Visible Learning Classroom” collection and not only learn what works, but what works best and when!

Understanding Poverty - Evaluate and examine critical Engagement Factors (Jensen) and ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), that if fully addressed, can lead to increased social-emotional and academic success. A focus on research-based Instructional strategies to engage and motivate these learners will also be a part of this highly engaged learning experience.

Leveraging CoPlanning and CoTeaching - Examine inroads into authentic, collaborative roles in a co-teaching partnership with directed focus on co-planning and best practices when utilizing the expertise of two trained teachers.
OPEN - The Online Physical Education Network
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Broaden and bolster the instructional capacity of physical activity and education with an in-depth look at the Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) Curriculum. 

An ideal workshop for all physical educators and before/after school professionals who work with grades K-12.

Assisting students with SPECIAL NEEDS

AAC Conversations is a place for everyone to come together to meet, learn, and share about augmentative alternative communication and how to help our students become better communicators. 

Need a refresher on writing IEPs? Are you a new intervention specialist or service provider? This training will provide guidance and resources for writing IEPs to promote success for students with disabilities.

Learn to use PODD in this two-day course led by Laura Taylor, a national certified trainer of Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD). A hands-on session that will keep you moving, we will explore strategies for teaching and using PODD with children and their communication partners via videos, case examples, and modeling with each other.
09/12 •  Learning to Communicate with PODD

Focus on assessment and instructional strategies that can be incorporated into the preschool classroom to decrease the need for direct speech and language services for culturally and linguistically diverse students
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Calculus meets GeoGebra - Learn how you and your students can easily create dynamic calculus apps illustrating hard-to-visualize topics with the free browser-based dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra.
09/11 • Teaching Hard-to-Visualize Calculus Concepts w/ GeoGebra & GeoGebra 3D

GeoGebra and Graspable Math 
GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, and graphing, in one easy-to-use browser-based application. Graspable Math scaffolds learning algebra, supports genuine inquiry about how math works, and gives people opportunities to reason flexibly about mathematics. Together they make the perfect partnership.

Learn to use GeoGebra to create dynamic apps that help students make sense of coordinate proofs, compass and straightedge constructions, transformations, circles and circle loops, angle, length and volume measurement, and 3D solids and surfaces.

Spreadsheets may very well be the most under appreciated math tool. Join Steve Phelps and Jennifer Haller and learn strategies and activities for incorporating spreadsheets (Excel or Google Sheets) into algebra classes.
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