Subject: UPDATE: Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine destroyed, catastrophic flooding underway

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Evacuation of Kherson, Ukraine and nearby villages flwg destruction of Nova Kakhovka dam. IAEA responding due to potential cooling threat at Zaporizhzhia NPP.

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Massive flooding is taking place downstream from the now-destroyed Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station and dam. Wide-scale evacuations are underway along the North bank from the dam down to the Black Sea.

It is expected that the greatest flooding will take place along the South (Russian-occupied) bank, though no information is available about evacuations for this region.

Emergency meetings with the IAEA and other authorities are underway due to the potential threat to cooling at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station located further up the Dnieper River. Five reactors at the facility are in cold shutdown, dramatically reducing the amount of water needed for cooling. One reactor remains in hot shut down, producing low levels of power to keep the plant operational.

The scope of this catastrophe is not yet understood.

Russia and Ukraine continue to blame each other for the incident.

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