Subject: NYC attack carried out in name of ISIS

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NYPD: 8/31 suspect planned attack for weeks, carried out in the name of ISIS. Expect expanded security in run up to and during 11/5 NYC Marathon. See email.

Supplemental Info:

NYPD Deputy Commissioner indicates suspect followed Islamic State instructions to a T.

A note, handwritten in Arabic, was found in suspect's vehicle which states the "Islamic State will endure forever."

Subscribers are reminded that on 11/11/2016, AlertsUSA warned of the release of a new issue of the Islamic State's internet magazine known as 'Rumiyah' (Rome) calling on Muslims to carry out more vehicular attacks similar to that which occured in Nice, France on 7/16.

(A link to this specific issue of Rumiyah can be found in the Threat Journal issue above).
Included within an article entitled "Just Terror Tactics," guidance is given on selecting an appropriate vehicle, targets and general attack planning.

AlertsUSA reminds subscribers that the Islamic State has previously called for vehicular attacks on crowds gathered for Thanksgiving Day parades. If attendence at such events is part of your plans for this year, you would be wise to give some consideration to personal security planning and above all, keep your eyes and ears open and remain vigilant..

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