Subject: Korea Meteorological Admin warns of dangers from another DPRK nuke test

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Dir. of Korea Meteorological Admin warns gov that another DPRK nuclear detonation could trigger collapse of mountain site and release of radioactive material.

The assessment was delivered by Nam Jae-cheol, Director of the Korea Meteorological Administration, during a hearing with members of parliament.

"Based on our analysis of satellite imagery, we judge that there is a hollow space, which measures about 60 to 100 meters (in length), at the bottom of Mount Mantap in the Punggye-ri site. So, should another nuke test occur, there is the possibility (of a collapse)."

When asked if an earthquake would trigger a release of radioactive materials, Nam said, "Should it sink, there is a possibility."

Nam's comment comes one day after the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported that Chinese geologists warned a North Korean delegation last month of a possible implosion at the North's nuclear test facility.

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