Subject: Fmr. Pres Trump indicted by Manhattan grand jury

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Fmr. Pres Trump indicted by Manhattan grand jury. Protests / demonstrations likely in NYC and other metro areas nationwide in the coming days. Caution urged.

Supplemental Info:

The scope of the indictment is currently unknown.

The details of his appearance before authorities have yet to be made public.

AlertsUSA subscribers should expected all manner of public protests and counter-protests in the coming weeks, many with significant potential for violence. As has been seen in the past, groups such as Antifa and affiliated orgs could seek to exploit otherwise lawful protests to advance their own movement’s goals.

Caution and vigilance are urged.

⚠️ Recommendations:

If you decide to participate in these or any other large demonstrations or public gatherings, as is your constitutional right, keep the following in mind:

In our modern digital age, it is common for law enforcement and other government agencies to use cellular data (in it's various forms) to track and assist in the identification of individuals in the vicinity of major crimes and other incidents under investigation.

A high-profile example is the January 6, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill. The event that day started as a peaceful assembly of tens of thousands. It ended very different.

In the weeks and months that followed, investigators used a variety of tools, to include geofencing and GPS location information from subpoenaed cell phone and tower data, to identify thousands of individuals across the Capitol complex that day (see this, this, and this).

So as to not be inadvertently or wrongfully caught up in digital trawling operations, it is reasonable to consider leaving ALL electronic emitters and receivers, to include smart phones, smart watches and rings, fitness trackers, and any other devices that are using digital services, at home or someplace other than the location of the gathering. Have nothing on your person that is capable of broadcasting your position, or tracking where you have been. Go clean.

Make your voice heard. Just don't leave a digital footprint.

If you must have such devices on your person, consider purchasing a Faraday sleeve (seal up your devices a considerable distance from your destination. Do not unseal them until well away from that destination.)

Additional Guidance:

  • Follow all law enforcement directives.

  • Identify formal exits and other points of egress.

  • Your head should be on a swivel scanning your surroundings.

  • Change location if you sense agitation or a crowd getting out of control.

  • Avoid standing on or near structures that could collapse.

  • Ideally stay at the edges of a crowd, never in the center.

  • Walk around crowds rather than pushing through them.

  • If caught in a moving crowd, move diagonally towards the edge.

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