Subject: Yogananda's ✩ India August Newsletter

Yogananda's India
Becoming Yogananda

August 2016 Newsletter

Dear one,
member of Yogananda's extended spiritual family,

Our gratitude flows to all the 52 backers who pledged for Yogananda’s India through the Kickstarter campaign. As our funding goal was not reached we didn't receive the pledged funds, but some generous supporters then chose to contribute by making an offering to the project through our website. Individuals' donations truly assist this documentary in coming into life and make devotees an actual part of the creative energies and power manifesting this sacred project.

As we continue assembling the different parts of this documentary, we are dazzled to watch it coming together like a magnificent tapestry formed of threads alive. A new light from the divine lives of our kriya masters is revealing dimensions of the depth and dedication of their practice and devotion to the ideal of Self-realization, and commitment to sharing their wisdom with our awakening world. We feel blessed to be involved with this project.

When we near completion of the movie we will announce a way for our newsletter subscribers to pre-order copies at a discount. If you wish to participate now you can assist with a donation through the "Participate" page on our web site.

Below we are sharing with you a few photos of Yogananda's dear Mount Washington, the international headquarters of his SRF organization.

In His joyful service,

Ron & Hélène
Thank you for your interest.
We have been blessed with the inspiration and guidance to create Yogananda's India, a documentary on Yogananda's early years in India with insights into the culture and spiritual masters that influenced and supported him to become one of the greatest saints of the last century.       

Ron & Hélène                                                     
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"I love you my dear India,
You’re the sweetest land of all.
I love you in the Winter,
Summer, Spring and in the Fall.
I love your fertile valleys,
Your dear Ganges I adore.
I love your Indian Ocean,
And I love her rugged shore.
Where the snow-crowned golden Himalayas
Keep their watch where the sages bloom,
It is there I would be,
In the land of the free.
Every breeze bearing God’s perfume,
It is there India gives of her rarest.
It is home sweet home for all.
And I know when I die,
In joy I will sigh
For my sunny, grand old India."
- Paramahansa Yogananda

"O Guru, thou didst lift me out of the land of bewilderment into the paradise of peace. My slumber of sorrow is ended, and I am awake in joy.
I lay flowers of devotion at thy feet; and before the altar of thy guru, Lahiri Mahasaya, harbinger of modern yoga; and of his Master, deathless omnipresent Babaji."
- Paramahansa Yogananda
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The documentary, Yogananda's India is an independent production of
Devasya Design Inc. 
Produced and directed by Ron Lindahn & Hélène Castéra
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