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Yogananda's India
Kriya Yoga Masters

May 2016 Newsletter

Dear one,
member of Yogananda's extended spiritual family,

We are very happy to announce that our movie trailer will be ready next week. It will be published on Yogananda's India You Tube channel, Yogananda's India website and on the Facebook page in the first week of June.

With this accomplished, the crowd funding Kickstarter project is nearly completed. We only have an interview with us to do before we launch the campaign in June.

As we work on the script and continue to do research on the lives of our gurus, the stories we are discovering are so fascinating that we can't wait to share them. We are inspired every day as we learn more details of the lives of these great saints.

We are very encouraged by the response to our Facebook page with many people "liking" the page and "sharing" the posts. The number of people being reached by information about our movie is growing every week.

While on our pilgrimage in India, we enjoyed drinking chai several times every day. We want to share a taste of this experience with our friends, so we just posted a short video of this delicious drink being made in a typical chai stall. You can view it on the video page of our website and on our You Tube channel. We also included a recipe so you can prepare it for yourself.

This month for our newsletter readers we are sharing a few photos of Encinitas, Master's hermitage, Swami's Beach, and the SRF ashram meditation gardens.

Help support our documentary project by telling your friends, sharing our posts and "liking" Yogananda's India Facebook page and the website.

In His joyful service,

Ron & Hélène
Thank you for your interest.
We have been blessed with the inspiration and guidance to create Yogananda's India, a documentary on Yogananda's early years in India with insights into the culture and spiritual masters that influenced and supported him to become one of the greatest saints of the last century.       

Ron & Hélène                                                     
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"All souls are equal. The only difference between you and me is that I made the effort. I showed God that I love Him, and He came to me."
- Paramahansa Yogananda

"You do not have to leave earth’s shores to put on wings; you must learn rather to be happy here and now, under all conditions; and consider others’ happiness as part of your own joy."
- Paramahansa Yogananda
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