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Becoming Yogananda
Kriya Yoga Masters

December 2017 Newsletter

Dearest friends in spirit,

We are still here, working on our documentary about the early life of Paramahansa Yogananda in India. It has been a year since we sent out a newsletter, and during that time much has transpired in our personal lives and in the evolution of this movie project.

What has been happening? On a personal level, we moved in to our new house with an expanded space for our editing studio.
The documentary has evolved from a pilgrimage to the sites of our Kriya Yoga masters with comments on their lives, to more comprehensive biographies and the conditions that influenced them. This has taken months of additional research and rewriting, fact checking, and many revisions of our script. In addition to our initial pilgrimage to India for photography and research, we have made pilgrimages to all of the major Self Realization Fellowship centers in Southern California.

For the past two years we have been constantly immersed in this production. It is evolving as the fruit of our devotion guided by intuition and divine grace in the form of information and images showing up for us just at the right time. We are applying our creative skills in graphic design, illustration, sound editing, special effects, and piecing together thousands of video clips and archival photographs in order to present a beautiful and compelling story of the evolution of Kriya Yoga teachers.

We were led to rename the documentary “Becoming Yogananda” instead of “Yogananda’s India” because we did not want people to think this was a travelog of India. While we do touch on the rich spiritual heritage and supportive culture of India, this is more a story of the personal spiritual growth of several enlightened master teachers, and how Mukunda Lal Ghosh became the great world teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda.

Updates will continue when we have something to report. We decided earlier this year that our time and energy are better spent producing the movie instead of talking about it. We are very happy with our progress and excited to see how the movie is unfolding and evolving. We know that it will be a blessing and inspiration for many. We look forward to sharing our vision with devotees around the world.

We wish you all a holy and blessed holiday season.

Love and ceaseless blessings,

Ron & Hélène
In November of 1868 Shyamacharan Lahiri was transferred from Benares to Ranikhet where he met the enlightened yogi, Babaji. The first leg of his journey was by train to Delhi. The railroad had connected Benares to Delhi only two years earlier in 1866. The second leg of his journey was by ekka, a one horse cart.

The photo at the top of the page is a view of the majestic Himalayas from Ranikhet.
Here we are working in our new studio, Sridham, in the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Georgia.

Thank you for your interest.

We have been inspired and led to create a movie revealing the spiritual journey of the great masters  of kriya yoga who influenced and guided Yogananda's early years in India.
Becoming Yogananda shares insights into the culture and great spiritual teachers that supported him in becoming one of the greatest saints of the last century.       

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by Swami Yogananda

When thirsty for God
I left the portals of parental love
And became a wanderer
In the sacred city of Benares
Where Ganges laps the feet of saints,
I met thee--thou polestar of my shipwrecked thoughts--
And was shown the Limpid Lake
Wherein I and all may quench our thirst.
Thou great bond of Sat-Sanga fellowship's invisible cord
'Tween East and West,
'Tween two poles of boisterous activity
And calm spirituality.
In thy teachings science of matter and of spirit
Forsake their age-old feud
And meet in Yogoda's balanced realm
Never to part again.

The message of Babaji
And Mahasaya Lahiri
Has come through thee
To link truth and theology,
To bridge religions and realization,
To reach God by meditation,
To crush the walls of darkness
By the flood of wisdom's light.
Rise, sleeping world, awake!
Sons of God have come to take
The burden of your cries away.

O, awakener of the Christ in me,
With loving reverence I bow to thee.
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Becoming Yogananda is an independent production of
Devasya Design Inc. 
Produced and directed by Ron & Hélène Lindahn
©2017 Lindahn
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