Subject: Your Voice, Your Truth & Creation with Brother's Koren (Rising Consc.)

Hi Friend!
I hope you're having a loving and nourishing day! I'm excited, AGAIN, to share with you our next guest speakers in the series!!!! Two beautiful souls I met while in Palm Springs at an event!

It always amazes me how life intersects and connects! After performing I felt a strong call to introduce myself and the rest is history! A total soul connection, soul family, soul brothers!

Today's video and interview is with Isaac and Thorald Koren! You are going to LOVE this conversation as we delve deeper into the realm of the voice, our ability to express ourselves and the correlation to creation in the world. to continue to allow your life to your Soul calls you to the next expression and experience!

The Brothers Koren were signed to Interscope/Universal Records as The Kin. Their music has been featured in major movies, they've appeared on Conan, and traveled the world as headliners and alongside the likes of Coldplay, Pink, and Rod Steward. Despite their success, they experienced first hand the restrictiveness of the music industry. After fifteen years they chose to stop chasing approval, retired The Kin, and started a full throttle rebellion of expression in the world. The brothers now help others make the same leap through their program called The Songwriter's Journey. The ten stage process is designed for those who have always had a heart for music but abandoned it along the way. Together they shepherd clients, for whom singing has remained an unfulfilled fantasy, through three months of sessions and retreat to write and uncover their story and share it in their own unique voice.

In this Video.....You're going to......
  • Discover the power of finding and expressing your voice.
  • Discover what happens to the body, your energy field and life when the throat chakra gets clogged.
  • Uncover when it's time to "retire" one way of life and rise UP into the next.
  • Learn how to not run from your emotions and how to move with them.
  • Take a deeper journey into Internal clarity, valuing self.....and what happens when we play the game....."when I have this or that, then I'll be......"
  • Journey deeper into the moment you let go...there is immediate flow, grace and guidance....AND sooooo much more!
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Wishing you the most beautiful, creatively open day!!!!! Your expression in this world is essential!!!! I can't wait to see how you move it through you.......
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