Subject: Time to LIsten to "Aligned" Voices with Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott (Rising Consc.)

Good morning Friend!
I hope you are having a magical and loving day! My heart is full as I get ready to share today's interview with you! Someone I connected with onset of LEAP ( and felt such a kindred, open-hearted, loving connection with. Every time we hugged....we couldn't just hug for a quick was a full-heart-hug!

Today's video and interview is with Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott! I sooooooooo LOVED our it is full of clarity, love, guidance and grounded practices that allow us to become more light and shiny!

Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D.and ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) is known as “The
Mother of Coaching since 1974.” She started to coach and train coaches before it was a profession. She is the #1 New York Times Best Selling author of If Life is a Game, These are the Rules, published in 40 countries with over 4 millions copies sold, Transformational Life Coaching, a handbook for coaches, Negaholics: Stop Being Negative and Reclaim Your Happiness, and 14 additional titles. Dr. Carter-Scott is Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie. She has been a frequent guest on Oprah and has appeared on numerous international media tours that include: The Today Show, CNN, and dozens of TV, radio, and print interviews. Not only is she a media personality who has worked on five continents in over 30 countries, she currently trains coaches in Europe, Asia, and North America.

In this Video.....You're going to......
  • Tap into an easy way to get messages and guidance....and watch for the repetition in the answers that show up!
  • Hear about how to become bright and shiny and BE your gifted self.
  • Learn why the right question could reveal ultimate truth.
  • See when divine guidance comes it may be inconvenient and not make any sense....
  • Uncover who and what internal voices are you (or have you been) listening to?......AND sooooo much more!
I've included both the Audio & Video for this Interview (the sound quality was not strong and so you'll notice the camera not switching over as it normally does).
To watch the the following LINK ==>

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AND Cherie's gift to YOU:
  • "Negaholics" E-Book. Shift out of negative thinking, habits and behaviours and release negativity from your life.
  • Download it by emailing Dr. Cherie at and type the following into the Subject: RISING CONSCIOUSNESS CHERIE
  • And if you want to explore Dr. Cherie's work a little further.....her website is:

Have a sweet, loving and heart-nourishing day. You are sooooooo LOVED!
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To listen to the the following LINK ==>

And again....if you know anyone in YOUR life who could benefit from this series.....please feel free to share! The more we RISE UP together....the faster we ALL get to live in bliss!

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