Subject: The Sacred Self with Marsh Engle (Rising Consciousness)

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I hope your day was loving and soulful! You're going to LOVE tonight's interview! It's with someone I've known for about 10 years....someone who was one of my mentors when I was making BIG changes in my life's work, business and staying grounded within my spiritual truth!

Today's video and interview is with Marsh Engle! Someone who has created several movements by listening to that powerful inner call that we get! Our conversation was energizing, clear and beautifully grounded! She's bringing the "Fire in the belly and feet on the ground!"

Marsh Engle is the multi-published author of the AMAZING WOMAN Book Series. Her newest book release, THE SACRED AGREEMENTS is based upon her acclaimed work that's moved thousands of women to liberate the indisputable power of their passions and purpose. The creative mastermind behind dozens of wildly successful brands, Marsh is a sought after career development coach and business consultant to women who want to liberate their purpose and live their mission. Her groundbreaking programs, LIVE events, broadcasts and speaking engagements have been instrumental in launching the purpose-driven success of thousands worldwide. In 2016 Marsh served as a delegate at THE UNITED STATE OF WOMEN, an acclaimed leadership program sanctioned by THE WHITE HOUSE and led by First Lady Michelle Obama. Awarded a United States Congressional Proclamation for her work in the establishment of AMAZING WOMAN’S DAY; Marsh is the founder of ONE MILLION AMAZING WOMEN, an organization dedicated to providing women with the trainings and resources to design brands and businesses positioned to inspire and benefit the lives of millions.

In this Video.....You're going to......
  • Hear what it takes to create a movement....big or small....and how to move through any resistance! And that it's more important to play your part rather than "trying" to figure out how to make it all work.
  • Explore the importance of community, co-creation and collaboration....and the shift from pushing hard to a more feminine approach to creation and creating.
  • Learn more about The Sacred Self and your Sacred Gifts!
  • Go deeper into the conversation about value, self worth and in soul-self-confidence.....
  • And what it means to truly be in alignment with who you are....rather than who you think you are based on the past...AND sooooo much more!
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Have a wonderfully expansion night! You are soooooooo beautiful! Sooooo bright! Soooooo infinite!!!!!! BIG hugs!
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