Subject: Rising Consciousness for our Youth with Brooke Jillian Yantzi

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Today's video and interview is with Brooke Jillian Yantzi! Brooke is a fellow soul sister who is changing the world! Through movement...for our youth....and through following her divine guidance! You will love this loving conversation....whether you have young ones, work with young ones or were a young one ;) ....this is a powerful interview for what's changing in our next generation!

Brooke Yantzi is the founder of “Dancing with Life“, a DancePL3Y Master Trainer/ Presenter and Vancouver Regional owner. She has a passion for getting kids dancing, helping them discover their own style, and feeling awesome and confident in expressing who they are. Her BA in Psychology focused on body awareness, self-esteem, eating disorders, mental health and how to create change from a community level. For the last 7 years, Brooke has taught kids in schools, presented at conferences and trained instructors to teach DancePL3Y in Australia, the UK, Kenya, Mexico, and all over North America. One of her favourite projects is with Living Positive Kenya where she has trained women with HIV/ Aids to teach DANCEPL3Y so they can use dance as a way to heal, connect to one another, increase their self-esteem, educate others and support women in other communities struggling with HIV/Aids. She has also worked in the mental health world focusing on youth engagement, youth leadership, mental health awareness, anti-bullying and suicide prevention in schools.She is an energetic, dynamic, playful, passionate, and inspiring instructor which makes her classes and workshops inspiring safe and fun and has a gift for connecting with children and youth and quickly helping them become comfortable to open up and be THEMSELVES!

In this Video.....You're going to......
  • Take a look at what's evolving in the school systems and what our youth actually need to thrive!
  • Explore how our entire society and world is changing....which means jobs changing and job creation that is UP to the youth!
  • Explore how youth learn better and grow when they move their bodies....and what happens when schools double "recess time".....
  • Learn what the correlation is between mental health, playfulness, creativity and outdoor time.....
  • Learn why it is of UTMOST importance for have community and be a part of a loving community!...AND sooooo much more!
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