Subject: Next your Rising Consciousness

Hi Friend!
Can you believe we made it!!!! 3 weeks together!!!! I am sooooooo grateful to have walked this journey with you! Thank you for trusting me as your navigator!

Today's video is with yours truly! Tonight....I'm steps....and life beyond the series! How to choose a path.....and more! And in case you're curious as to my official bio and path.....

Tara Antler is a world renowned Intuitive Healer and Soul Coach, expert mentor in The Coaching Movie “LEAP”, author of The Healing Manual, founder of The Soul Academy and co-creator of Soul Awakening retreats with her husband. Officially trained as an Energy Healer, Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga/Meditation Facilitator, Tara’s soul calling is to help others connect to their FULLY expanded Self, live in alignment with their Higher Self, and create an abundantly AWEsome life!!! Highly intuitive since childhood and naturally positive, Tara has an incredible ability to empower clients to experience miracles, receive soul-insights, and offers easy-to-apply practices that create freedom, abundance, joy, healing and clarity in their lives. Since starting her business in 2003, Tara has soulfully worked with over ten thousand clients one-to-one, joyfully certified thousands of students, and shared Mind-Body-Soul teachings to over 20 million people around the world! On a personal note, Tara loves being a mom to her toddler, Aria Sky. Her and husband have seamlessly integrated Aria into their global soul retreats, and Tara is actively practicing balance between mommy-life and entrepreneur-life. Tara loves meditation and yoga, a practice she discovered at fourteen. And growing up in Northern Ontario, Canada, she adores nature and hugging trees!

In this Video.....You're going to......
  • Learn how to choose a path that fits and aligns with your life!
  • Discover THE most important relationship that you want to create and cultivate.....
  • Explore the key to life after the series.....
  • Learn what to do when the ego arises from here....
  • Discover how to know when you're growing spiritually and what to do...AND sooooo much more!
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Sending MASSIVE LOVE and appreciation your way!!!!!!! BIG BIG hugs!
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Tara Antler
intuitive healer, spiritual guide & teacher, love-ignitor, international speaker
Expert Mentor in "Leap" (The Coaching Movie) & Author of "The Healing Manual"

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"Let your life be the greatest expression of creativity possible!!! You are truly GREAT! A grand magician of your reality!!!" - tara antler

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