Subject: Messages of HOPE from “US” & Grounding The Higher Vibrations with Judith Onley (Rising Consc.)

Hello beautiful Friend!
Get tuned in for another high vibe and energy-activating conversation! This interview will be energetically "working" on you and with to vibrationally raise your frequency!

Tonight's video and interview is with Judy Onley! I loved our open, energetic and universally expanding conversation : ) Again....I would recommend being in a resting (savasana) position for this it goes beyond the words that are being expressed and heard...and more about the energy currents that are streaming through to you!

Spiritual Mentor and Channel Judith Onley communicates and teaches with the assistance and wisdom of "US" (United Souls of Heaven and Earth), a group of non-physical spiritual teachers whose purpose in coming forth at this time is “to activate the Divine Essence within all Human Beings.” She shares this empowering information live in group settings, via international teleconferences, and in private sessions. People are profoundly affected by the words and the energy of the transmissions, as they receive an activation at a deep cellular level.

In this Video.....You're going to......
  • Explore what happens when you take a alignment with your Soul and joy!
  • Explore messages of HOPE.....and JOY! Regardless as to how messy it looks out there in the world.
  • Learn how to ground these higher energies that are flowing through the planet and our consciousness now.
  • Learn what the "ascension symptoms" are....and what to do.....
  • Explore the knowing that the changes that are happening are really at a cellular level....AND sooooo much more!
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AND Judith's gift to YOU:
  • Greater Expansion with Ease - an hour tele-channel and infusion from Judith after a solar eclipse.
  • Download it HERE:
  • And if you want to explore Judith's work a little further.....her website is:

Have a cosmically, universally EXPANDING night!!!!!!
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And....if you know anyone in YOUR life who could benefit from this series.....please feel free to share! The more we RISE UP together....the faster we ALL get to live in bliss!

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