Subject: Living Your Sacred Call with Sprtye Loriano (Rising Consciousness)

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Continuing the living in alignment with a bigger mission, message and calling.....You're going to hear from a soulful, loving earth mamma who is changing the face of media and the messages that go out into the world!

Tonight's video and interview is with Spryte Loriano! I love this nourishing and inspiring conversation!....As it speaks to my heart and soul regarding living in alignment with the FULL YOU! The expanded YOU! The soul-inspired YOU! Let me take a quick moment to tell you a little about Spryte (and I mean a fraction of the amazing things this woman has done on the planet).....

Spryte's “destiny tap” led to the discovery of her inner artist, and reconnection to the spiritual journey she began at age 4 when she began communicating with Angels. She became a devout seeker of inner wisdom diving into spiritual study and practice of many holistic healing modalities. She became trained as a SHEN Emotional Trauma and Personal Empowerment Therapist, developed sacred sexuality workshops and was witness and conduit to incredible “miracles” for herself and her clients. In 2006 a vision emerged to Feed 3 Million Children in the US in 33 Days. She and her volunteer board launched FEED333, an online fundraising initiative that raised nearly $300,000 in 33 days and provided 1.2 million meals to struggling families.

For three years she co-organized and sponsored the largest multi-city food drops in US History partnering with Feed the Children, Salvation Army and The NBA Players Association. Galvanizing continued support to expand her philanthropic heart, co-founded a multi-million dollar direct-selling Social Enterprise (Humanity Unites Brilliance, HUB) which provided sustainable humanitarian funding to global non-profits while simultaneously enriching the lives of its membership through Personal Empowerment Education from Thought Leaders such as Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith, Jean Houston and others.

In this Video.....You're going to......
  • Discover what life looks like when you're living a BIGGER calling and what it means when you simply feel "off" in life......
  • Hear what's it like when spirituality and angels are a part of your path from a young age....and how that can impact your life's path and choices.
  • Learn what to do in the face of fear....when following and flowing with Spirit's call and living BIG.
  • Learn what the sacred sound of the Universe is.....
  • Discover how to live as a Soulful and Spirit-led-leader in the world!.....AND sooooo much more!
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Have such a restful night.....may your heart, mind and body be filled to overflow : )
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