Subject: Get Ready to Activate & Rewire with Jennifer Hough! (Rising Consc.)

Hello beautiful!
I am over the moon excited to share tonight's interview with you! Get ready for some cellular shifts, inner awakening and energy activation!!!! For this interview...I would recommend your lay out a yoga mat or rest on your bed....and get super you vibrationally take in the content and energy!!! We are going to collectively RAISE you UP!

Today's video and interview is with Jennifer Hough! Someone who has been a part of my life for over ten years....a fellow goddess I adore and highly respect as a colleague in the realm of energy, light and expansion!

Jennifer Hough is a Best Selling Author, Seer and Lover of Life. She made a traumatic transition in her 30’s from working for a multinational corporation doing forecasts, to seeing life, people and the world as an energy holograph. She now travels the world acting as a conduit for those who seek the ability to fully live out their purpose, with clarity and confidence. Why? Because it became clear that we are ready as human beings to be free, expand our compassion and fully enjoy our lives, instead of living out of fear and control. She engages metaphysical tools that bypass the need to constantly analyze by going direct with consciousness. Jennifer’s work is for those that know “it’s time” to be the change, be fulfilled, and find that ‘something more’ that is waiting for us.

In this Video.....You're going to......
  • Uncover what it means to wake up, awaken and elevate....
  • Hear what it's like to see the world as a holographic image!
  • Discover how much of us is pure potentiality and how many human innate superpowers we ALL have in us and in our energy field!
  • Find out how fast light and energy travels around the planet and what that means for consciousness!
  • AND cosmically sooooo much more!
To watch the the following LINK ==>
AND Jennifer's gift to YOU:
  • First 3 Days of the 12 Days of Awakening Program - Day 1: Truly receiving love from people, the environment, and Life itself. Day 2: Vibrant health beyond the “Jail of Genetics”. Day 3: Financial expansiveness – what it takes to truly thrive.
  • Download it HERE:
  • And if you want to explore Jenn's work a little further.....her website is:

Have a cosmically, universally EXPANDING day!!!!!! You are infinitely AWEsome!!!!!
P.S. Again....the link for the video is ==>

And....if you know anyone in YOUR life who could benefit from this series.....please feel free to share! The more we RISE UP together....the faster we ALL get to live in bliss!

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