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The Advantages of Call Center Groups

Custom Defined Call Center Groups Simplify Monitoring 

RingByName wants to help you monitor the information that is important to you without the distraction of unnecessary data getting in the way. Monitoring your team if they are in separate departments or at different locations could sometimes be time consuming and involve multiple screens or pages. Now, RingByName has innovated a new way to monitor your entire team all in one place. Learn how to create your own Call Center Groups as an administrator in order to significantly simplify and enhance you and your teams monitoring routine.
Everyone in a Call Center Group can be monitored on one screen with their call status, locations and the local time displayed.
What is a Call Center Group?

In addition to monitoring all the departments, managers and administrators can create "Call Centers" that can be monitored as a single unit.

Some applications for this type of monitoring are:
  • To monitor all agents at a single physical location for companies with multiple locations
  • Managers and administrators can monitor their own teams, regardless of the department queues they belong to
  • Search by call center name when configuring the account
Below you can see an example of monitoring a Call Center Group through R! Call Presence. These staff members are from different departments in two different locations, but since they are all a member of the same Call Center Group, they are visible on one screen with their call status, locations and the local time displayed.
How To Create A Call Center Group

"Call Centers" can only be created by Administrators with full access to the System Administration area. In order to create a Call Center Group for monitoring, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your RingByName account.

2. Click on your name at the top-right corner of the screen. Select "Go to System Administration" from the drop-down list.

3. Click on "RingByName Setup" on the navigation bar along the top of the screen, or "Main Setup".
4. Click on the "Users" in the selection area in the first column of the main area.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate the "Centers" area. Click on an existing Call Center Queue Group to edit, or click on the "Add" link to create a new group.
6. Fill out the information, and press "Save".
How To Tag or Add Users to a Call Center Group

1. Scroll up, and select the user you want to tag to a call center. The configurations on the right-hand side will appear.
2. Type in the name of the call center the User will be assigned to and save.
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