Subject: Feature Friday - Smart Round Robin Call Queuing

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Smart Round Robin Call Queuing

Easily Route Inbound Department Calls Evenly Among Your Team

RingByName offers call queuing for your business allowing you to run a true hybrid contact center solution for your business. One of the advanced and very useful features of R! Call Queuing is R! Round Robin feature. 

Call queuing is often used in inbound call centers, where calls are placed in line until the next available agent or employee can answer the call. In essence, the call queue behaves as a "waiting room" for your callers while they wait for a representative to become available.

In many cases, this requires additional licensing costs, or even a separate system, called an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). RingByName eliminates the need for additional software, equipment and software licenses. Call queuing is available to ALL RingByName customers and can be enabled in minutes.
What is Round Robin?

Round robin is one of the most popular ways to route inbound department calls evenly among your teams. It is a feature within the Call Queuing settings. Unlike normal call queues, round robin digitally builds a list of all users in a department, and begins ringing User A for 3 rings, before ringing User B for 3 rings, and so on, cycling back to ringing User A if no one has answered yet. If User B answers, the next call with starting ringing at User C and continue down the list. If any user is already on the phone, they are skipped in this list. This ensures a balance of calls between all agents and that only available agents see new inbound queue calls.

After a user hangs up a call, they won't ring for a queue call until the amount of set wrap-up time has run out. Round robin is considered call queuing and requires call credit to avoid service disruption.
How Do I Enable Round Robin?

To enable round robin, click on the "Departments" link on the left side of the screen.
Then select the department you would like to edit from the listing of departments.
In the configuration area on the right, scroll to the section titled "Call Queuing" and be sure its checked and enabled.
Next, in the configuration area on the right, scroll to the section titled "How should we distribute calls for this department?". Click on the 'Round Robin' option.
Lastly, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the button to apply your changes.
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