Subject: Feature Friday - SMS Notification in Web App

RingByName - Feature Friday
SMS Notification Feature For Web App

One of the advantages of texting is the quick response time that is possible with SMS. The R! team has made it is easier than ever to know that you just received a new SMS message. A popup will appear in the lower right hand section of the screen to let you know as soon as a new SMS message is received. With this pop-up notification it is easy to see as soon as the message is received and respond quickly.

Stay at Home Tip: If you are using Google Chrome and have the Web App open in any tab, the notification will appear on your screen in to corner no matter what site you are on in the separate tab or chrome window. 
Your Customers Are Texting, You Should Be Too

You no longer need to use your cell phone to send a text. Now it's easy to send an SMS Text Message to your team members through the RingByName web app. You can pick which of your office SMS enabled numbers you would like to send the text from and assign text conversations to specific team members. You can also send a contact to a new contact and see your SMS history. Best of all, there is no cost to add text messaging to an existing company number on your account. You can send and receive unlimited SMS messages within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
There is no cost to add SMS Text Messaging to an existing company number on your account.
How can I send an SMS Text message?
  1. Open an existing contact and click on the SMS icon located below the note entry area (inside the white box area).
  2. Enter a message in the section labeled "Write an SMS..."
  3. Select one of your SMS enabled telephone numbers in the "From" drop-down
  4. Select the telephone number you would like to send the SMS message to in the "To" drop-down.
  5. Click on the Send button.
SMS Messaging Demo
How do I add SMS Texting Service to my RingByName Account?

Check with your system administrator to make sure that SMS is enabled and active on your account, and that you have been granted access to access SMS service. If you are the account owner, you can add SMS Text Message service to your account by contacting the Customer Service Department.
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