Subject: Feature Friday - Ready to Telecommute & Work Remotely?

RingByName - Feature Friday

Working From Home?

Is Your Company Ready to Telecommute & Work Remotely?

Major companies are asking employees to telecommute and work from home amid fears of a coronavirus fears. With the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 surpassing the 100K mark, companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have encouraged their employees to stay home and “socially distance” themselves to reduce infection and impact to their work and productivity.

In the past, telework was reserved for big businesses and connecting to the office involved complicated setups and specialized equipment in order to connect to the office and to receive business calls.

RingByName allows employees to receive calls on their cell phones or home landline telephones without any complicated setup.

With RingByName, your employees can be setup to receive calls on their cell phones or home landline telephones without any complicated setup, and when used with the web or mobile application, their calls to customers will even display the company’s caller ID for outbound calls. Workers could also take their IP Phones home to plug into their home Internet. As long has the home Internet router allows dynamic IP, it should work.

When used with other readily available remote work tools, RingByName can help your company safely navigate and provide the back bone of your telework plan.

Checklist for Supporting Telework
  1. Ensure that employees can setup call forwarding and how to access voicemail from home if they are not already receiving voicemail notifications by email.
  2. Ensure that employees can access their phone call logs and shared contacts remotely.
  3. Assess whether employees have access to any specialized software needed for their job functions or
  4. That they can access their work PC remotely. Remote Desktop from Google, TeamViewer, and other similar software can allow employees to connect if your company does not already have a remote desktop or VPN capability.
  5. Assess whether you can/need to conduct remote meetings. Consider using RingByName’s conference call service for teleconferencing, or products like Zoom for virtual meetings and desktop sharing.
  6. Determine whether employees will take VoIP telephones home. Alternately, consider installing software-based telephones on their PCs and laptops. RingByName recommends the Bria Solo (formerly X-Lite) and offers a configuration guide to set it up.
  7. Should you have any questions, or if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact RingByName’s technical support center by dialing ‘611’ from your RingByName handset or calling 855-345-7464.
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