Subject: Feature Friday - R! Face, Internal Video Collaboration now on Mobile!

RingByName - Feature Friday

R! Face, Internal Video Collaboration now on Mobile!

R! Face with R! OX, is now available for both Android™ Apple iOS™ devices.

Video and remote collaboration have never been so important. With the explosion of work-from-home, business has had to quickly adapt to remain effective. Our latest product, RingByName Face goes a step above just video conferencing.
Studies have shown that the majority of video meeting attendees join on desktops, but over 30% rely on their mobile phones for team video collaboration or communication. So Ringbyname has extended video collaboration with R! Face to mobile users as well! Ringbyname accounts with R! Face enabled will see a new R! Face video icons by their team members in the Call presence section of the mobile home screen.
RingByName Face is a one-click or one-tap, face to face feature to simplify video collaboration

RingByName© Face is a one-click, face-to-face feature to simplify video collaborations within your organization. It allows users, with a click of the mouse, or tap of a finger, to launch face-to-face meetings with other co-workers within RingByName OX™ no matter if the co-worker is across the room, across town, across the country or the world. It is easier than making a phone call.

R! Face is available in all RingByName phone systems and mobile apps.
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