Subject: Feature Friday - R! Chat Mobile

RingByName - Feature Friday

R! Chat Mobile
Chat from your Mobile App to Coworkers Who are on Mobile or Desktop

RingByName has added R! Mobile Chat! A simple swift way to connect with co-workers and partners in your Ringbyname account. Whether on the computer or Mac desktop or on their mobile phones R! Chat can be accessed for quick in-office communication! It can be accessed using the new SMS icon highlighted below.
Best of all, it comes free of charge for every RingByName subscribing user

What is R! Chat Mobile?
R! Chat Mobile functions like most messaging platforms and can be used internally with other users in your Ringbyname account to quickly communicate and see who's online at their station. You can send a message of over 10000 characters to another user. You can also send links!

How do I add R! Chat to my RingByName Account?
R! Chat is a free service added automatically to your account! The only prerequisite is having more than one user so you have someone to chat with! If you are the account owner, you can contact our service department about adding one of our many types of users to take advantage of R! Chat by calling 855-345-7464 or by emailing us at
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