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RingByName - Feature Friday


Share Information Easily with Your Team

Customers have many different needs. RingByName allows users to easily communicate those needs by sharing notes and other vital information with your team. There are two kinds of notes available to make sharing information easy. 

There are Quick Notes which are system wide across the RingByName App and there are Contact Notes that are associated with a specific contact. Both kinds of notes can be seen by anyone in the system that the note is assigned to or anyone looking at a specific contact.
Contact Notes

Communicate customers' needs by adding a note to the caller's contact entry, giving his/her information without having to track down colleagues. Should a customer call and speak to another member of your team, all notes, call logs, and pertinent information is displayed to your colleague automatically. These notes can be seen and added to by clicking on a specific contact.
Files can be attached to a Contact Note to help keep track of things like contracts, blueprints and pdfs associated with that individual contact. Anyone who is viewing the contact can view the notes and access the attached files. Only the person who created the note can delete it.
Adding Notes to a Contact From Your Phone
You can Add a Note to a contact from the mobile app by clicking on the Quick Notes icon at the top of the contact details screen. Add your note, select if you would like to share it with another member of your team, add an optional attachment and click Save to add your note to that specific contact. 
Shared Quick Notes

The Quick Notes icon displays shared notes and announcements shared among users within your system that are not necessarily attached to a specific contact in your RingByName application.
Quick Notes can be emailed directly to users within your organization or shared with external contacts via email.

To share a note to a team member click on the share icon located at the top right corner of the note entry. Click the check-box next to the colleagues you wish to share the note with, or enter an email address to share the note with someone outside your company.

Click on OK to share the note.
Marking a Quick Note as Read

To mark a Note as Read in the web application, click on the green circle next to the Note in the Quick Notes Menu. A green banner will appear at the top of your screen with the text message that says "Note marked as read" once the green dot is clicked. 

In the Mobile Application a Note that is unread will be white and the ones that have been read all ready will be gray. Simply click on the new note in the Mobile app and it will be marked as read. 
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