Subject: Feature Friday - New Monitoring Call Queues & Call Center Groups

RingByName - Feature Friday

New Monitoring Features

Call Queues & Call Center Groups

RingByName's Call Queue Monitoring allows call center managers to see performance information and how effectively customer phone calls are being handled in real-time. This information can be detached as a separate window so it can be displayed on a separate area of your desktop or on a TV Display hanging on the wall of your Call Center.

Additionally, the system allows you to create unique "Call Centers" or groups of agents by location, skill set, etc. to monitor as a single unit.

~Next week, users will see an updated Call Presence~ The Call Ribbon will be removed from the top of the screen, but admin users can still access all that information and more with R! Monitoring Tools.

What Users Will See Next Week

The Call Ribbon at the top of the main screen of the web application, which includes Total Calls Today, Active Calls, Missed Calls Today, Average Wait Time, Agents Ready/Available will be removed. All of this information and more will still be available for Administrators and Managers from within the Monitoring section of the System Administration area of the application.

The New Call Presence for Users will look like this.

How Do I Access Call Monitoring?

Within the web application, click on your name located in the top-right corner of the screen and click on "System Administration" in the drop-down menu.

Click on the Monitoring icon located along the top navigation area. 

What is the Call Queue Monitor?

The Call Queue Monitor is a screen from which you can monitor the status of phone calls being handled inside of your call queues and how effectively they are being handled by the assigned agents in real-time. The screen can be expanded into a separate tab in your web browser so that it can be displayed on a stand-alone monitor on a managers desk, or on a TV hanging in your Call Center.
Create a Custom Watch List to Monitor Only the People You Manage

What is a Call Center Group?

In addition to monitoring all the departments which have call queuing enabled, managers and administrators can create "Call Centers" or groups that can be monitored as a single unit.

Some applications for this type of monitoring are:
  • To monitor all agents at a single physical location for companies with multiple locations.

  • Managers and administrators can monitor their own teams, regardless of the department queues they belong to.

For both the Call Queue Monitor and The Call Centers you can click on the 'Expand Screen' button to pop up a window of just that monitor with real time updates. This is a great tool to keep and eye on everything quickly and easily.
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