Subject: Feature Friday - New CRM Makes Selling Easier

RingByName - Feature Friday

Opportunity Based CRM

Opportunity Management to Help You Track, Plan, and Analyze Sales Performance

CRM software is designed to help businesses meet the overall goals of customer relationship management. Your team member is out and you need to contact their client/customer to answer a question. With our newest CRM feature, you can create an opportunity to track everything you did with them, make notes, assign the next action and attach the opportunity to their contact. 

Once your team member returns, all of the information you entered is available as an opportunity that is attached to their contact for them to track and follow up on. Any team member can edit an opportunity and the last person to edit it is noted in the app. This interactive communication between your team members creates an easy to use knowledgebase of information about each customer that helps everyone stay organized and create strong customer relationships.
Experience Better Relationships with Your Customers with RingByName CRM
What Can You Do with the New RingByName CRM?

The RingByName CRM will allow you to truly manage all of your business relationships, give you access not only to call notes, and customer contact history, but track your sales opportunities and improve your sales cycle. This easy-to-use tool allows you to track sales stages, deal values, and run reports to analyze and allow you to close a deal faster and more efficiently. 

You can access the new CRM from both the RingByName web and mobile applications. We have made it easy to manage for your entire team. Create a new opportunity, associate a contact with that opportunity, set an opportunity status, set the probability for making a sale, add price/cost, assign the next action, make notes, and attach a file such as a quote or a contract all from one simple opportunity screen. All of this information will be available for anyone with CRM active in your account and anyone who can see it can make edits to an opportunity.

The new advanced opportunity based CRM is available in addition to the contact management solution that RingByName already provides. CRM licenses can be purchased for only those users that require access to the CRM data. If you have not already purchased CRM licenses, contact Customer Care at 855-345-7464 or e-mail us at

Increase Meaningful Business Relationships

Customers may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. 

Remembering what a customer asked for during your last call, asking follow-up questions from previous conversations, or having all the information you need about that customer right in front of you the moment they call, are all benefits of RingByName’s application with built in contact management solution. Additional enhanced opportunity based CRM provides increased team productivity to streamline your sales process.

It is a means of improving customer service, and that is one of the advantages of RingbyName: building relationships.

Our CRM allows you to take notes while on a call, which will then be displayed when you receive a call from that person in the future. Additional opportunities for each contact can be created to add even more information to share with your team. Foster relationships with RingByName’s VoIP CRM.

Increase Productivity and Communication

Sharing information within a business should be easy. The more effective the tools, the more effective and free flowing the communication.

The R! desktop app is that tool. RingByName improves productivity and communication by allowing employees to access all your companies and customer’s vital information, instantly.

Increase Sales

Sign bigger clients by increasing the legitimacy of your operation. RingByName’s virtual receptionist will greet all your clients by name and transfer them to the appropriate person or department in your business. When the person answers the phone, they have all the information available instantly on their screen about the customer 

Take control of your business with RingByName and Make Sales Faster!

RingByName - Way More Than a Phone Service
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