Subject: Feature Friday - Introducing R! Salesforce Plugin

RingByName - Feature Friday

RingByName Salesforce Plugin

Unlock Advanced Business Phone Features Within Salesforce

RingByName's Salesforce plugin allows you to integrate the power of RingByName with your Salesforce account. The R! Plugin, available now in the Salesforce App Exchange, allows you to extend the power of RingByName from beyond a simple click-to-call interface to a fully integrated marriage of telephony and CRM. It is optimized to be simple to use, easy to integrate, and completely customizable to allow your sales team to focus on what they do best: sell.
Make & Receive Phone Calls Using Your Business Phone Number Directly Through Salesforce

The RingByName Salesforce plugin simplifies communication through Salesforce and improves client relationships. R! puts the tools that you need to smoothly run a successful business in the right place when you need them. A few examples include displaying contact details in a screenpop on inbound calls, providing click-to-call functionality for outbound calls, and using R! on-screen dial pad to make new calls, all within Saleforce. 

What Can the RingByName Salesforce Plugin Do?

The application will allow you to make and receive calls directly from within Salesforce and work more efficiently. 

RingByName will work with Salesforce to automatically:

  • Display matching contacts on calls to or from your business phone number -- view and update contact information through and Salesforce iOS and Android apps. Improve workflow efficiency and consistency with automated telephony integration.

  • Business calls can be placed using the phone keypad within Salesforce. Your business phone is at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

  • Allow you to click-to-call on any phone number within Salesforce and a call is placed using your business phone number. Calls can be made from a desk phone, mobile phone, or softphone. Your office phone goes everywhere you go. Keep your personal number private.

  • Sync contacts and notes so that callers can be welcomed by name, caller details can be displayed for call recipients, and call notes are created and shared with ease. A better caller experience is a competitive edge that generates tangible benefits

How Much Does It Cost?

RingByName does not charge any additional fees for this integration as long as your are a active RingByName customer. However, Salesforce does charge a one-time fee of $1 per user to access and install the application on your Salesforce account. A Salesforce account is required in order to use this application.
Installing R! Salesforce Plugin

Once you have both a Saleforce and a RingByName account, click here to view the installation instructions. 

RingByName - Way More Than a Phone Service
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