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Intercom Paging with RingByName

Make an Announcement via the Phone Speaker

Not everyone has a job where they can answer the phone easily at their workplace. Someone may be close to a phone but using their hands to work. Some examples include working out, cutting hair, repairing vehicles, or working in a factory/warehouse. Now, you can page the extension of a phone near them to make an announcement, find and employee, or ask a quick question. The person you are paging just has to talk hands-free and you can hear them on your end. Just another way RingByName is way more than a business phone service. 

RingByName's powerful cloud-based system includes an intelligent intercom system which allows callers to dial a code to announce a call or locate someone in the office without waiting for the other person to pick up the phone. With a few simple button pushes, you can announce visitors, or initiate hands-free conversations with colleagues.
How do I make an intercom call to a colleague?

To initiate an intercom call, dial *0 followed by the extension number. You will hear a single ring and will then be connected to the extension.
Is the intercom service compatible with my phones?

RingByName's intercom service has been certified to be compatible with Grandstream, Yealink, and Polycom devices.
What happens if the person is already on the phone when I intercom them?

If the extension is already in use, they will hear a call waiting tone so they may choose whether or not to place their active call on hold and answer the intercom call. You will hear ringing until the user places their active call on hold and answers the intercom page.
RingByName - Way More Than a Phone Service
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