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Integrate the RingByName Phone System with Your Apps

These days, technology is only as good as the other technology it works with. RingByName understands business phone service is just one piece of the tech puzzle that helps your company succeed. That’s why we make sure our service can easily integrate with the rest of your business. Through our partnership with Zapier our cloud hosted VOIP service can work with over 1000 of the best business tools on the market.

Many customers have asked how they can take the information inside of RingByName and integrate it with their current CRM, Accounting System, Helpdesk, and a variety of other applications with which they would like to work. Now, using Zapier, it is possible to connect RingbyName with your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and over 1000 more. You can connect two or more apps and move info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Anyone can build their own app workflows with just a few clicks.
With Over 1000 Integrations Available the Only Limit is Your Creativity
For Example

You have an email program like MailChimp on your website where a customer can subscribe to your mailing list. You can now take that form data using Zapier and create an entry in your RingByName CRM or external CRM for your new shared contact, creating a brand new viable lead for your sales team to contact. You can then track the call history with the new shared contact, makes notes and create an opportunity within the RingByName CRM, or you can take that contact history information and add it to your own application. 

You may want all of your missed calls from RingByName to be added to a spreadsheet in Google Drive, or have all of your new client notes emailed to you via Gmail. The possibilities are endless.
  • Customer calls in to your service department

  • Salesforce records automatically displays on user’s screen
  • Customer provides email address on phone call

  • Email address automatically added to MailChimp list
  • Rep has text conversation with client

  • A screenshot is taken and automatically uploaded to Dropbox
  • Prospect inquires about listing on Zillow

  • New record is automatically created in RingByName
How Does it Work?

To begin connecting RingByName to your applications, visit the Zapier website and open a free account. Then follow the simple instructions to get started.
What RingByName Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers
  • New Voicemail - Triggers an action whenever a new voicemail is created
  • New Fax - Triggers an action whenever a new fax is received
  • New Call Recording - Triggers an action whenever a call is recorded
  • Call Ended - Triggers an action whenever a call is ended
  • New Contact - Triggers an action whenever a new contact is created in RingByName
  • New Note - Triggers an action whenever a new note is entered in RingByName
  • New Missed - Triggers an action whenever a call is missed
Supported Actions
  • Create Note - Creates a note in RingByName based on a trigger from another application
  • Send Fax - Sends a fax using RingByName based on a trigger from another application
  • Create Contact - Creates a contact in RingByName based on a trigger from another application
  • Call a Number - Calls a number based on a trigger from another application.
Supported Searches
  • Find Contact - Finds a contact in RingByName's stored contact list
RingByName - Way More Than a Phone Service
Learn more about RingByName Features in the Knowledge Base
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