Subject: Feature Friday - Faster Response After Dialing

RingByName - Feature Friday

Faster Response After Dialing

Increase Daily Productivity with Quicker Dial Time

Are you experiencing a 4-6 second delay after dialing before the call is connected? Most VoIP telephones have this delay built-in to allow the user a moment to finish dialing long international numbers or to finish reading the number they are dialing. Often times, this delay is not desired or necessary. To avoid this delay with RingByName, you can simply hit the # key after entering the number you wish to call.
Dial # After Any Phone Number or Extension to Be Connected Immediately
The Power of the Pound Key

Hitting the # key after dialing the phone number or extension is essentially the same as hitting the "Enter" key on your keyboard. It tells the system that you are confirming that you have completed your entry and you are ready to move on and connect to the phone number or extension that you dialed right away. 

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