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RingByName - Feature Friday
EZ Score
Big Data for the Small Screen

EZ Score delivers valuable information on virtually every phone number, including name, address, demographic information, financial details (income, education, and high net worth), home information (rent or own, market value, and length of residence) as well as social media links to profiles.
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Caller ID Taken to the Extreme

Qualify prospects and form deeper relationships than ever before, only with RingByName. EZ Score enables businesses to instantly convert any phone number into a concise report on the associated individual, including name, address, demographics, financial, and more.
EZ Score Animated Demo

~ EZ Score provides you with deep data

~ Qualify before the call
~ Know more than a name, know their address
~ Know how much they make, what they’re worth, and what they do
~ Know your caller’s age, gender, marital status, education level, and if they have children
~ Do they own? Do they rent?
~ What is their home worth?
~ How long have they been there?
~ See links to their social accounts like Facebook and Twitter to learn even more about who you’re dealing with

EZ Score YouTube
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