Subject: Feature Friday - Custom Greetings & On Hold Music

RingByName - Feature Friday

Keep Callers On The Line

Provide Your Customers with Custom Greetings & On Hold Music

Using customized greetings allows for your business to add a personal touch and experience that so many consumers are drawn to. Add a holiday message and change hold music to reflect current trends and identify with your target demographics.

Change automated greetings to allow clients to access the parts of the business they are looking for and cut down on time and costs of answering each individual phone call.

Businesses who use customized greetings and music on hold from VoIP service providers increase customer retention while cutting costs at the same time. The service is easy to use and even easier to manage. Add a sense of importance and promote an image of success by providing a service that seems to be high end, but is extremely affordable.

Improve Your Company Image with Professional Custom Greetings Specific to Your Business
How to Update Your Custom Hold Music

There are two types of users, Admin and Regular, each with different permissions and access. While both user types will give you access to the RingByName applications, only the Admin will allow you to make changes to settings in the RingByName System Administration Portal to update your Custom MP3.

On your RingByName home page click on your name at the top right hand corner and choose the option "Go To System Administration".
  • Click on "RingByName Setup" on the top left side of the screen.
  • Select "Menus" on the left side menu
  • Select one of the choices by clicking on the name or bar next to it to make the Menu Setting Box appear on the right

  • At the bottom of the Menu Setting box, there is an option to "Use an MP3 I've uploaded"
  • Select from the current options in the drop down, or click "Add a New File" to upload a mew custom MP3 file.

Some of our customers have used this feature to play Holiday messages, customer announcements, Business hours, etc.
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