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RingByName - Feature Friday

Click2Call From Your Web Browser

An Extremely Useful Google Chrome Extension

Why work harder when you can work smarter with RingByName? Click2Call Extension allows any telephone number that appears in your Chrome Browser to launch a telephone call on your phone system. This feature is supported by Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar CRM, QuickBooks, Google Chrome, and any other web based application. 

Not only does this eliminate the process of dialing altogether, but you can make the call with just a click of your mouse! No more switching back and forth between windows to copy and paste, or needing to dial the number by hand on your office phone. Simply click on R! link once it appears over the number. Click2Call extension also integrates with Microsoft™ Office 365, allowing you to work with your contacts even more efficiently. 
Easy to Use Extension That Allows You to Make Calls with a Click of Your Mouse
How Does it Work?
  1. Locate the R! Icon in the top right corner of Google Chrome
  2. Log into RingByName
  3. Hover over any number and then simply click the R! link once it appears on top of the number

    You may need to "Enable: Auto-Detect" to get the R! Link to appear over a phone number. To enable, click on the R! icon in the top right corner, then click on "Settings" and toggle the button to turn on "Enable: Auto-Detect".
Click2Call Features Include
  • Makes phone numbers on websites callable by hovering and clicking on them.
  • Lets you initiate calls by just typing any number in the Click2Call dropdown.
  • Adds a button to your toolbar, which allows you to log into your RingByName account.
  • Lets you click to dial phone numbers from most popular CRM and Small Business packages, including, ZoHo, Highrise, Batchbook, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.
  • Lets you click to dial your contacts and friends from popular social networks, email and contact management sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Contacts,, LinkedIn and many more.
Office 365 Integration

Using the Google Chrome extension, users of Office 365 can access their secure contact lists from within the web browser to launch a phone call and/or to provide additional information about their contacts within RingByName's expanded Caller ID pop-up. This allows Office 365 users to enjoy the benefits of the Click-to-Call interface without synchronizing large corporate contact lists.
RingByName - Way More Than a Phone Service
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